Great snowshoe with unique binding system for easy…

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Source: received it as a personal gift


Great snowshoe with unique binding system for easy in/out use. Metal frame provides great traction.


  • Binding system
  • Traction built into frame
  • Expandable floation tails


  • Older unints come with smaller bindings

The Revo Explore snowshoe offers a unique binding system for an easy way to put your snowshoes on and off.  The frame of the snowshoe offers great traction when hiking in icy or packed snow terrain and along traverses.  Revo Explore snowshoes are designed to provide all day comfort when tackling rolling and backcountry terrain.

This is my first pair of snowshoes, and I received them as a birthday gift this past December. The pair that I have are 25 inches, which are able to support my weight. I've carried a large pack which added more weight than what is recommended, but I haven't had an issue with flotation. However, the snow this year has not been real deep or powdery, so I am sure eventually I will need to use the modular tails to provide extra flotation.

The biggest complain people seem to have when reviewing these snowshoes are the binding system. People either love them, or loathe them. Since I had only used a pair of snowshoes one time before acquiring this pair, I hadn't formed an opinion about a preferred binding system. Wearing these several times now I have not had any issues with the binding system.

Other online reviews complain about pressure on the toes, due to a small instep strap. My pair included a six-inch instep strap, and an eight-inch heel strap. I did find that the 6-inch strap would be too small and might cause discomfort when tightening them across my boots.

One call to MSR Customer Service, and new straps were on their way free of charge. Originally I was told I would be receiving just one pair of larger straps, but when the package arrived it included a pair of eight-inch straps and a pair of ten-inch straps. From what I have read online from other reviews is that newer units now ship with an extra pair of 10 inch straps to correct this issue. 

The binding system has so far been enjoyable to use. Once you set the heel strap you no longer have to adjust the strap. The instep strap is the only one you would need to lock/unlock to get in/out of your snowshoe. There is a silver lever that you pull to tighten the strap, and two red buttons on either side that are used to fine tune the grip to loosen the grip. To fully remove the strap press both red buttons and pull on the strap. In the four times I have gone snowshoeing with friends I have been the first one to get into and out of my snowshoes. 

The deck is made of hard plastic and molded onto the metal frame. For the REVO series of snowshoes the metal frame has built in traction. It is not a 360 degree frame similar to the Lightning series. I have hiked on some ice patches and packed snow and the traction has been a blessing.  My friend was wearing a pair of Evo trail snowshoes and complained that she would slide a bit when on ice (not much, but enough to be mindful about).

Normally I tend to hibernate during the winter months and pine for spring, but this season I decided to embrace winter and start snowshoeing. The Revo Explore snowshoes fit my usage right now. I have used them in fresh powder in local parks, on both flat and rolling terrain. They have been used on trails  that have been packed down and icy. 

I originally wanted a snowshoe that would be perfect to use on trails near my home, but can also be used when I go hike in the Adirondack mountains. Since this is my first season snowshoeing my skill set is not good enough to tackle the mountainous backcountry of the Adirondack wilderness. Once  I have taken them out on mountains, my opinion/review of these snowshoes might change.














Congratulations on the new snowshoes, arcana, and thanks for sharing a review and pics of them. I hope you'll let us know how they continue to work out for you.

2 years ago

Thanks for sharing this helpful review, arcana! When I finally get a pair of snowshoes these will certainly be in consideration.

2 years ago

Ashleigh they do make a women's model as well

2 years ago


2 years ago

Winter of 2015/16 was a bust up her in Buffalo, NY. The snow wasn't deep enough most days to use snow shoes. I might have to update the review next season after using them more than three times.

2 years ago

I also hope next winter is better than this past one.

2 years ago