MSR Standard Fuel Pump



MSR has always made great lightweight stoves but have…

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MSR has always made great lightweight stoves but have made terrible pumps. I have been through three generations of pumps. The first generation came apart on a winter trip scattered fuel everywhere and set the snow on fire. Tabs holding the pump handle broke off.

The second generation also breaks tabs but at least it didn't set me on fire. It also simmered well. The third generation (shown here) switched to a rubber cup instead of leather so it seizes in hot desert weather.

You have to oil it often. The check valves fail easily. It will not simmer. Nor does it turn off properly leaving the stove burning at a low level. You have to blow it out to be sure. It also has weak plastic threads that strip easy. It no longer has an O ring on the bottle so it will eventually leak in your pack.

The second generation pump was the best of a bad lot but this new one is worthless.