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Tent & Gear SolarProof

rated 5 of 5 stars Nice for backpack waterproofing and tent. Full review

Tent & Gear SolarProof

rated 5 of 5 stars A good tent is not cheap, take care of your investment! Treated my tent fly and tent after one season of use. It was very easy to apply, just spray it on your tent and tent fly and wipe off access. If you don't wipe if off it leaves some residue. Took my tent out backpacking in Colorado over Memorial Weekend after using this product. We encountered rain, thunderstorms, hail, and everything else mother nature could throw at us at 10,000 ft and we did not have a drop of water in our tent.  I am thouroughly… Full review

Down Wash

rated 5 of 5 stars Have a down filled jacket or sleeping bag? A bit dirty or has it lost it loft? Look no further! If you want to take care and make your expensive gear stand the test of time, you can't do without this! I did the ultimate "no no." I washed my down jacket like it was a regular piece of gear. I know, I know! I looked at the directions on the jacket and I followed it. After it came of the wash (I used very little least I had that going for me) and I dried it (once on regular) it came out… Full review

TX.Direct Wash-In

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Pretty amazing product that works! Picked this up and washed a Golite vest, Marmot soft shell, and two kids jackets and was amazed that, after they were dried and I put them under a faucet to test, the water rolled right off all four articles. I would highly recommend this for anyone questioning how water resistant their gear is. It is very easy to use! I plan on washing all my outdoor and winter clothing in this stuff! I would recommend getting the 1L size if you're planning on using it on more… Full review

Tent & Gear SolarProof

rated 4 of 5 stars Protect your investments so so they can protect you. This is just another step in protecting your investment. This was one of the only products we found that offered water repelling and UV protection in one easy to use product. If the results are anywhere near as good as the reviews we read online then it's well worth the small cost and effort to protect your gear. Full review

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