Olicamp XTS Pot

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This is a decently sized pot with a convenient neoprene…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $18


This is a decently sized pot with a convenient neoprene top that features a heat distributing ring of baffles on the bottom to reduce heating times with your stove.


  • Tall, 2 L size
  • Baffles help spread the heat from the stove well, decreasing boiling times.
  • Well insulated handles


  • Heavier than titanium versions
  • Baffles add to weight and could be hard to clean throughly

I have now used the Olicamp XTS pot several times while out camping. I find that I'm very satisfied with its performance. The baffle-ring at the bottom does indeed seem to spread the heat from my alcohol stove and reduce cooking times.

I have used it to cook food and to boil water for two people. In my opinion, for two people it's just about the perfect size. For three, or more, it might be a little small, but could easily be a handy second pot since its size would allow it to nest inside many other cook systems.

It is large enough that I am able to carry quite a bit of my cut down kitchen gear as well as my stove, windscreen and stand, and a foam cup, right inside with the neoprene top still able to snap on securely. The provided mesh bag also allows one plenty of leftover room for other cooking related items.

Even when I have had the pot quite full, I have never been worried with the handles getting warm, let alone too hot to handle. They are well wrapped with a tight, no-slip plastic tubing that provides a secure grip and would protect from any burns to bare fingers.

The cover can snap down tightly to keep everything together while traveling, but fits on gently enough for easy on and off usage while you cook. I really like the flat molded knob in the center. It makes picking the lid off of the hot pot very convenient and the neoprene rubber never gets hot.

The dark anodized aluminum of the pot itself makes clean-up quick and easy, but I would still carry a plastic grocery bag just in case it gets really messy. So far, I have only used this over an alcohol stove. I can assume though that on a wood fire you might find a good bit of soot building up in the bottom baffles. Another reason to carry that grocery bag or a large ziplock.


Thanks for the review, Dean.

9 months ago
Daniel Oates

Hey Dean, I actually have this same pot and it's 1L capacity. Do you have a different version? Can you tell the size by the graduated measurements on the inside?

4 months ago

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