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rated 4 of 5 stars We have two of these, one for each of our dogs. We take them when hiking and seem to work well. No leaks and the little detachable drinking troughs work OK with our big dogs. We have a lab and some sort of rescue dog (that's bigger than the lab) and we like to take them on hikes here in CO. These bottles work well for short to medium hikes, but our dogs like their water and the bottles run dry sometimes before we finish. So we end up carrying extra unless we're hiking near streams. The lids on these… Full review

Dog Pack

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great pack to keep your dog as part of the team. Well made with reasonable storage space that is compatible with your dog's size. Can be used for hiking or just outings with the family. Recently purchased a medium, forest-colored pack for our dog; same as the picture for this product. He is a 50lb Pit Bull. ┬áHe's only a year old and very rambunctious and doesn't mind being submissive or rolling over. THIS is great for him and has worked really well. My wife is a dog trainer and this has been a… Full review

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