Ortovox 3+ Avalanche Beacon

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The best Ortovox avalanche products now come in a package deal!. Build around the 3+ avalanche beacon, this Ortovox Avalanche Rescue Kit is essential gear for backcountry trekking with the transceiver, durable Beast snow shovel and 240 Light PFA avalanche probe. They combine the most valuable of their products in one set. Put together in a high-quality box, they make the decision easier: the 3+ avalanche transceiver, the Beast avalanche shovel, the 240 LIGHT PFA avalanche probe and the Ortovox SAFETY ACADEMY GUIDE BOOK about avalanche safety. 3+: Special features Smart-Antenna Technology that improves your own safety. Signal separation with flagging function. Most simple operation due to: clear control elements, precise real-time display with directional arrows and circle display; rubberized housing for protection and ergonomics; lighted display for night searches; switch-over in case of a secondary avalanche; clear and optimized search acoustics; update possibility; power consumption optimization; partner check, self test. Beast: Special features Ergonomic T-handle, oval, telescopic shaft, sanded grip. Dimensions 26 x 21 x 5 (cm). Weight 690 g. Material 5052 aluminum (blade); 6061 aluminum T6 (shaft). 240 Light pfa: Special features PFA quick assembly system, grip sleeve made of EVA foam, depth markers. Dyneema draw line. Diameter 11 mm. Length 240 cm (folded: 40 cm). Weight 270 g. Get the Ortovox avalanche rescue kit and fill all the voids in your backcountry quiver. 3+ Smart Antenna: The 3+ has a position sensor, which can analyze the position of the device in the avalanche and switches to the best transmitting antenna. Worst coupling positions are thus eliminated. 3+ Fast Find: The presentation of the real-time display is limited to the essentials. It displays the distance and direction. Once you are in the refined search area, the displayed circle shows whether you are getting closer to the victim or moving away from him/her. Battery status and number of buried/marked victims appear small. 3+ Fine Search: In the refined search area, the patented circular display shows you whether you are getting closer to the victim or moving away from him/her in increments of 10 cm. The optimized, distinct search acoustics supports you in the search by pitch of the tone and volume. 3+ Easy Mark: The number of victims is shown in the display. With the "pin" key you can quickly and easily mark located victims and continue the search. 3+ Icon: Rubberized housing: Maximum protection against impacts. The 3+ is virtually indestructible. Ergonomics: The 3+ is ergonomically adapted to the anatomy of the human hand. Display lighting: The 3+ has a backlit display. So you can even train in the night or just go on a tour. Switchover in case of a follow-up avalanche: In the case of a follow-up avalanche, you are ready. After 120 seconds without movement, the 3+ switches over from search to transmit. Update capability: The 3+ is updateable and thus remains always at the cutting edge of technology. Tahoe Mountains Sports can update Ortovox firmware - Tahoe Mountain Sports