Osprey Hydraulics Reservoir

The Hydraulics Reservoir replaced the Osprey Hydraform 3 Liter Reservoir.



A great reservoir! And easy maintenance. Here is another…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: ~$30


A great reservoir! And easy maintenance.


  • Design
  • Maintenance
  • Durability


  • Emptying water

Here is another great product by Osprey! This product comes in both 2L and 3L, mine of which being the 3L, and it is held well, and offers plenty of water for the backcountry. I've had a few reservoirs, and this one is my favorite to date.  

It fits into multiple packs well, even at 3Ls.  Including a Talon 22, which is not the largest pack, but 3L is held just fine; as well as my Kid Carrier by a different brand (which I was a little leery of the fit, but no worries).  

The main reason I wanted to write a review is how easy this is to maintain, and manage even with issues. I was on the trail, and having issue flow. After inspection, I realized a few small pebbles had gotten into the bite valve. I stopped, and was able to address the issue easily. Everything came apart easily, and was cleaned out even more so. I was back on the trail and enjoying my hike in no time.

I highly recommend this reservoir. 


I've been eyeing this reservoir for awhile now. Almost all the staff at my local gear store say they now use this reservoir over others like Camelbak or Platypus, even if they don't carry an Osprey pack. Reasons being it functions well, cleans easily, the handle makes for easy access and the stiff back keeps it from moving around. I see they make a 2.5L as well, but I believe the more common ones to find are 2L and 3L. Thanks for the review!

12 months ago

Well designed system that works for more than just…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: List price minus REI member rebait.


Well designed system that works for more than just Osprey backpacks!
Be sure to consider it as you compare.


  • Well thought out & very durable design
  • Best bite value action for flow and swivel rotation for shut off
  • Best handle and supportive system
  • Super handy magnet keeper
  • Wide access cap, allowing ice filling and easy empty & cleaning


  • Magnet chrome surfaces too thin, corrodes off with us saltier folk

We hike nearly every weekend, on long day hikes, often with Meetup hiking clubs. I discovered that I often wasn’t drinking enough water because others had hydration packs and I was using water bottles (they hydrate as they go and didn’t stop to drink much!).

Many wear Osprey backpacks and had their Hydraulics Reservoirs, which they swear by (rather than at). I had used bladder systems years ago and really disliked the plastic flavor. Having been convinced by others that things might be different now, my wife and I picked up a 2L & 3L systems for our Gregory 40L backpacks.  They fit perfectly in the internal water sleeve!

Good news is that plastics have changed, there is no plastic taste now. And I’m drinking much more water now, even when hiking alone. And I’m surprised how much better I feel on the trail now, less fatigue afterwards, and recovery by the next day is faster too! We often do two hikes now when we have 3-day weekends. Yeah … water is magic!

The design is for the most part FANTASTIC. The handle gives excellent hold and balance in filling it. The stiff card sleeve which backs the bladder allows it to free stand well and not foldup so not pulling on the hose or needing adjustment to flow well as it empties.

The bite value is UTTERLY AWESOME. No leakage yet after two years of use (just like new). You can get a trickle to gushing water torrent at will, based on how hard you bite. I really like the magnets that stick the valve at chest level onto backpack cross strap. This makes it easy to find the value and place it where you expect to find it.  The value also swivel rotates to act as shut off value. 

And I really like the very large water fill cap. You can easily fill or clean the unit inside. We also purchased the silver winter tube insulator system, which works well while snowshoeing to stop the tube and bite value from building up ice. Buy the 3L, you can put less in it, but have the potential for more.

Suggestion: Carry an extra throwaway plastic water bottle so that you have a backup supply. It’s very hard to know just how much water you have left within a the bladder hidden in a backpack! Being easy to drink, you will likely drink more than you think.  One can also use the extra bottle to mix electrolyte drinks on the fly or to gift ill-prepared, waterless fellow hikers.

AWESOME FEATURE: That large bladder cap allows you to load it with ice. If I use extra backup clothes to insulate the bladder, I have icy cold water all day on long 95 degree summer days. With three trays of ice in 3L bladder, I’ve seen ice after 10 hours combined driving and hike. It also adds a light cooling effect to my back, in spite of my web suspended pack.

Warning load appropriate ice level! This summer I completely filled my unit full with party ice then water to 3L on a hot day and even 5 hr later there was so much ice in the bladder (half full still) that I did not have enough water. I removed the clothes insulation, but it still melted too slow.

Cautions: You have to make sure that the large bladder filling cap is not cross threaded while mounting or it will not seal well, and slowly leak water into your pack as you hike (voice of experience). The solution to this is as you close the cap. Just compress the stiff folded cap connector strap with your finger, so that the cap has no sideway tension on it, as you tighten the cap. When pulling off the hose off the bladder base make sure that you carefully support the nipple.  We apparently torqued one base and the plastic plate where the hose attaches later leaked.  It was replaced on warranty.

Wish Osprey would improve: Only thing I don’t like about the system is the magnet’s metal chrome finish design. The chrome corrodes off for salty old me (but not my Wife) and gets looking rusty, but it still works well. You can buy a replacement kit with bite value, magnet, and strap mount disc at a low cost.

Both of us highly recommend this reservoir.  


Thanks for the helpful review, Gary!

24 days ago