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These shoes are very soft and comfortable. I do suggest…

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Price Paid: $35

These shoes are very soft and comfortable. I do suggest replacing the insole with Dr. Scholls work memory foam inserts.

It says that these shoes are water resistant. To be honest maybe a light drizzy out to the car then into the mall or store and back you would be alright, other than that, stay out of the rain in these shoes.

I have worn them in the cold down to 30 to 40° with regular socks and my feet stay warm they have a little inner lining/ padding it helps keep you warm. With thicker socks you could go colder depending on how tolerant you are to the cold.

I have looked to purchase again but I have not found them. I will have to monitor the internet more to see if I can buy another pair.

These shoes are soft but you may have some decent protection against bumps and impact, nothing major.