When you don't have a lot to do or want to learn a…

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When you don't have a lot to do or want to learn a new knot, use this app.


  • Easy to navigate
  • Useful AND interesting obscure knots
  • Some step-by-step instructions
  • Knots organized by type
  • History of many knots included
  • Works when you have ZERO bars
  • FREE!!!!!


  • Some pictures are better than others
  • A few knots I think of are not listed


A great TS reviewer just reviewed a set of cards which teach various knots and I thought, "What about that knot app on our Galaxy phone that we use Precious?  Think anyone would like it?"  So here we are.

I downloaded this app mainly as something to mess with while I traveled since I usually have some perlon cord around to play with. I was tired of the other games on my phone. Besides, who couldn't do with some more knot practice right? Ok, so I'm a nerd.

This app categorizes knots into Bend knots, Binding knots, Climbing knots, Decorative knots, Fishing knots, hitch knots, Looping knots, Running knots, Stopper knots and Whipping knots.

Some knots appear in more than one category because they are used in more than one discipline. 

Each zoom-able picture of the knot and how it is tied also lists other names the knot is known by, its efficiency, if it jams, its typical use, tying directions, and a little history about the knot and more. Some knots also include warnings associated with the knot. 

This app does not require a data connection!  None of the cool places have cell reception anyway. 


So, since you have your phone with you anyway, why knot try toss on yet one more app? As far as space is concerned, I don't like a lot of apps but every time I clean out the apps I don't use this one makes the cut. The kids like it too.

Did I mention it's free? 



Looks good, and the price is right. Is it Android only?

4 years ago

Just a thought her Alicia, the front page of TS lists various equipment categories. What about adding a category for apps? Jeff's recommendation here is probably going to get lost in the shuffle, without folks thinking to look for app ratings on TS. An apps category might drive additional traffic to TS, and I'm always looking for stuff like this for my phone.

4 years ago

Thank you Jeff, you rock! Any of these offline programs will help anybody!

4 years ago

Alicia I just checked and its also available free for iProducts. Goose, good idea. I was unsure how to categorize it so I placed it in Electronics. There are many good outdoor apps to be reviewed.

4 years ago

There is an apps category! And I moved this one under it: It falls under the Electronics category we added last year:

4 years ago

I found it (and downloaded it) for Apple:

4 years ago
Joseph Renow

I like it Jeff! I use knots all the time...but they can be an important tool when things break or you need to come up with something on the fly.

4 years ago
Daniel Oates

Very nice, Jeff. I'll be checking it out when I get home!

4 years ago
David Drake

Does this mean I need a smart phone? I'm fairly sure I'm the only guy in existence without one but, it's an extra $120+ each month to spend on outdoor gear. One of these days, I'm sure I'm going to have to break down and get one. A knots Guide App has a lot of value in the field!

4 years ago

David, having a smart phone myself I'd say save the $, get the knots guide card set that Daniel just reviewed and use the $$ you save for gas to get you to the mountains.

4 years ago
David Drake

@Jeff I totally agree! I may be getting an iPad soon, within the next month or so, making the App a possibility. Thanks...

4 years ago
Paul Young-Davies

Hello Jeff - your review interested me. I am an avid outdoors skills person and also a scout leader. I teach knotting to youth and adults. My Iphone contains many knot apps - but not this one, so I'm off to the App store to find it. Other Apps that I have on my phone are (1) Animated Knots (2) KnotSport Free (3) Knot Guide (4) Columbia Knots (5) The Knot (6) Fishing knots

4 years ago

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