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Left a horrible rash on my daughter's neck, itchy…

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Left a horrible rash on my daughter's neck, itchy hives/blisters. Looks like a chemical burn. Beware.

My daughter hade a terrible reaction, painful rash, itchy red hives. The product should have a warning on the label. 


Thanks for the warning, Hillary. Reading the previous review & comment, it sounds like this is a bad product. Hope your daughter is okay.

1 year ago

It is an exercise cooling towel made of a hyper-evaporative…

Rating: rated 0.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
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It is an exercise cooling towel made of a hyper-evaporative material. You are suppose to wet it, wring it, and then wrap it around your neck.


  • It really does absorb and evaporate fluids


  • It may absorb the fluid and oils of your skin and leave you with a nasty rash

I bought one of these to help keep me cool while hiking and to wipe down my gear before packing it up. I did exactly as it suggests... I soaked it with my water bottle it, wrung it out, and wrapped over my neck.

It tells you that when it does not feel cool anymore to soak it again. What it does not tell you is that it may causing swelling and a red rash with blisters on your skin! I had it on my neck for about 20 minutes. Three days later, I still have a painful red rash that is exactly the size and shape of the towel as it laid draped over my neck. This is not a fun side effect to discover while camping in the backcountry.

I wish that the package had mentioned this risk and had suggested trying it on a small part of your body first (not on my entire neck). I never would have bought this if I knew this might have happened. I would have gone with a simple cotton towel or bandana.

Ben Bushong

I've got the same rash a couple of days after using the towel around my neck. Itchy red rash all the way around where the towel contacted my skin. I've used other towels like this (regular, small towels), and never had this problem.

3 years ago

Perfect Fitness Cooling Towel


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