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Great App for hiking US National Parks in 3D! Ideal…

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Great App for hiking US National Parks in 3D! Ideal for hikers, climbers, bikers, backpackers and for all they want to practice outdoor activities in US National Parks.

Excellent 3D navigation and views, very high quality and useful topo maps with tons of paths, trails and info, always keep updated! All the usual stuff like GPS, tracking, routing, stats, info, sharing... Works also offline!


  • Excellent 3D views and navigation of the parks
  • High quality topo maps in 3D
  • Great tracking and routing, also offline!
  • Cool features like "flying over" the park


  • Coverage limited to US National Parks

GeoFlyer 3D Maps US National Parks review - iPhone App

Hi guys! Wanna let you know about this new app for hiking, I reviewed this summer!

The App is a 3D navigation app for US National Parks. It's ideal for all hikers, backpackers, outdoor lovers and all they want a great guide for their trips and a great topo map always updated with the power of 3D visualization. As far as I know, at the moment there is no other app with so hi-quality images in 3D.


Since I live in Italy, I reviewed a beta version with a specific map for the Alps, needed for my hikes.

I used an iPhone 4s, always in offline mode, since there was no data connection where I was.

The first cool stuff is that the app works like a charm in offline mode, so that you don't have problems in remote places or canyons, also, doesn't drain battery: after 12 hours of hiking/climbing, with elevations between 6500/10500 ft, the battery was around 30%, not bad considering the GPS was always ON for tracking.

The quality of images and the 3D visualization is astonishing: never seen something like that before. A great pro is that the 3D works also for the topo map, so you can see your height and topo info clearly.


Tracking is good and not battery draining, but I was impressed by routing: it uses a specific database with all the paths and trails available, so you can plan your routes in the wild! Not comparable with all the other routing services like Google Maps and similar that stop where the street ends.

The app is available on the AppStore for 0.99$. The price quite fair, comparing to the quality. The Yosemite map is included and you can purchase the other maps for 0.99 each or the entire map set for 4.99$.

If you buy the entire set, you'll be able to download the new parks maps, since the map coverage is growing fast.

Just to give you some more hints, check it out on the AppStore, YouTube for more videos or the FB fan page.

Let me know, Giulio

Manufacturer's Description

Get the coolest 3D experience from your next outdoor adventure - virtual or real - in the most astonishing places of the US! Try the ultimate App to turn your iPhone/iPad into a true 3D GPS navigator. With its unique features GeoFlyer 3D Maps is ideal for hiking, backpacking, climbing, biking or just walking in the US National Parks.

GeoFlyer 3D Maps shows you incredible quality terrain details, 3D topographic maps and aerial images, with points of interest, natural attractions, trails and paths, like nothing before.

Before you go: plan your trip, check the tough rock passages, discover the best way-points. Take a preview of your hike, or just fly over your favorite peaks with a virtual tour.

During your trip: record your tracks, check your ascent rates and times, improve your hiking experience in “First Person View” mode, where GeoFlyer uses your position and view direction to display what is in front of you, by using the compass and the gyroscope of your device (immersive reality).

When you come back home: review your paths, share your saved tracks with your friends, save them for future use and check your stats information.


  • Online and Offline modes
  • Highly detailed 3D terrain
  • GPS tracking
  • Name searching (also in Offline mode)
  • Routing
  • Altimetry graph and statistics
  • Custom made gCARTA Topographic chart
  • Gyroscope features: GyroPilot and First Person View

Visit 's US National Parks GeoFlyer 3D Maps page.

US National Parks GeoFlyer 3D Maps


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