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Top-Rated Paddling Accessories

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Aire Hand Pump Air Pump
Kwik Tek Air Daddy Inflation Adapter
Harmony 1 inch D-ring With Vinyl Pad
Hobie SideKick Ama Kit
Jackson Kayaks Cuda 12 Deck Pad
Gaia Standard Kayak Flotation Bag
Hobie Screw In Padeye
Seattle Sports Deluxe Center Cart
Hobie Miragedrive - Leash kit
Hobie Ram Tube Rod Holder
Mad River Seat Truss
Orange Mud Hydra Quiver SUP SIP Paddle Board Accessory
Padz / NSI Canoe Foot Support Pad
Seals Kayak Angler Workdeck
Hobie Safety Flag / Light Combo Paddling Light
Padz / NSI Canoe Flat Knee Pad
Predator Helmets 70P Compass Gasket
Aquaglide 12V Turbo HP Pump Air Pump
Hobie Safety Flag Deluxe Mount
NRS Pennel Orca Cataraft Repair Kit
BIC Sport SUP Board Bag 11'6" HD Paddle Board Accessory
Hobie Metal Pad Eye
Padz / NSI Canoe Toe Block
Alpacka Raft Extra Inflation Bag Air Pump
$15 MSRP
Lendal 4-Piece Fiberglass Straight Touring Shaft
K-Pump K400 Air Pump
$175 MSRP
Paddlers Supply Kayak Fishing Anchor Kit
Hobie Mirage Twist-N-Stow Rudder Pin
Aire Sand Stake
Equinox Beaver Paddle Bag
$38 MSRP
Jackson Kayaks Hip Pad Set
K-Pump K100 Air Pump
$75 MSRP
ACR Firefly 3 Strobe Light Paddling Light
NRS Bravo 2 Foot Pump Air Pump
$35 MSRP
Advanced Elements Double Action Pump w/ Guage Air Pump
$40 MSRP
Sun Company Seaturt'L Kayak Compass Marine Compass
Hobie Coil Paddle Leash
Jackson Kayaks Drain Plug
Hobie Drain Plug
Seattle Sports Original Large Cart
Coleman Rechargeable Quick Pump Air Pump
Aquaglide 110V Turbo Pump Air Pump
Carlisle Tie-Down Strap
Harmony Anchor
$40 MSRP
Aire Cobra Oar Lock
Native Watercraft First Class Seat Hydration Pack
K-Pump K40 Air Pump
$160 MSRP
Trak Sea Sock
NRS K-Pump Kwik Check Gauge
Jackson Kayaks Rudder Kit For Cuda
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