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Fuera Windproof Smock

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Tough, lightweight, fast-drying, windproof smock suitable for layering and year round use. Water repellency can be added by treatment with Nikwax TX direct. Fit and comfort: The overall fit works well for me (size large, 5'10 and 1/2, 200 lbs). It's big enough to fit over a fleece comfortably, but will not flap excessively in the wind as some smock designs can. It fits very comfortably and there is no friction or tightness at any point. Adjustability: There is a good amount of adjustability by velcro… Full review

Explorer Pull-On

rated 2 of 5 stars Mid-outer layer using Paramo directional fabric. The concept works very well, but the fabric wore out after one outing. I purchased this product as I was curious to try the Paramo directional fabric. On first impression, the fabric (both sides as it is reversible) looked and felt very nice. The construction looks robust, and the attention to detail is nice. The design is definitely function driven as it looks very dated and poorly designed from an aesthetic point of view. It is however practical… Full review

Tiempo Fleece

rated 4.5 of 5 stars My wife bought this for me as a Christmas present. It should have cost £135, but she found one in TKMaxx much reduced! It is a strange concept. A longish fleece with a windproof lining. The outer layer is a very soft velvety material coloured "Chilli red". The jacket is amazingly soft, floppy and is superbly comfortable, in complete contrast to the Polartec Powershield soft shells I own, which feel almost like suits of armour in comparison. The Paramo has numerous single handed adjusters and the… Full review

Cascada Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars First off the price. I recently saw a Cascada Jacket in an outdoor retailers priced at £180, whereas I picked mine up late last year for £100 less as it was 'last year's colour'. Which doesn't mean a lot in Paramo land, as they all look the same. Shop around! Secondly customer service. I discovered a minor stitching fault on mine which caused the zip to snag high on the neck. I returned the jacket to Paramo who, apart from a phone call to ask when it was bought - "It's quite an old model!", replaced… Full review

Cuzco Jacket

rated 4 of 5 stars A brilliant 3-season jacket that takes you to the comfort zone and works hard to keep you there. Paramo's Cuzco Jacket costs £120 and compared with similar priced jackets it wins hands down. Paramo has a strong following and once you have jumped from the plastic bag and fleece combination you will know why. The combination of fabrics does work - and that was a surprise. I warily waited to get caught out under the danger of too high expectations, but it didn't happen. Pros: A lightweight easy to… Full review

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