Patagonia Synchilla Snap-T


Weight 17.6 oz / 499 g
Fabric 10.6 oz 100% Polyester Fleece, 86% Recycled



I've had this fleece since 5th grade. I'm now four…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Source: received it as a personal gift


I've had this fleece since 5th grade. I'm now four years out of college (that's 15 years!) and it hasn't begun to show wear. Just buy one.


  • Comfortable
  • Lasts forever
  • Easy maintenance
  • Can wear in many different seasons
  • Polyester fleece made from recycled material


  • Not windproof
  • Not compactable
  • Fleece pills up a bit
  • Small chest pocket
  • Collects lint and hair like a boss

For those of you who still want to know more about this fleece after reading the opening summary, it is true...I've had this thing for 15 years and I've worn it in all sorts of weather doing all sorts of activities. Yard work, hiking/camping, wearing it to football games, you name it.

This thing has been with me through lots of life — campfires with friends, long hikes for contemplation, a first date with my (at the time) future wife, and it collected all of the shedding hair from the puppy we brought home a few years back.

I've used this fleece pretty hard since I wore it. The fact that it even survived my teenage years is pretty remarkable. There are no fraying ends or splitting seams, and the color has not faded. While the fleece is not as fuzzy as it used to be, it still performs the way it always has, and the buttons still work great.

The fleece is warm and comfortable. When my grandparents got it for me, they got me a men's medium, which was huge for me at the time, but they knew I would grow into it. And I've almost grown into it...they got me a medium and it's a bit bulky for me through the chest and torso, but that isn't a knock on the sizing. I normally wear small size apparel.

Now, I do like that it is just a tad big because I can wear it with layers. I pair it with all sorts of apparel, from wind breakers and rain jackets to basically any shirt I want to wear underneath it. I like that the collar buttons up to cover the entire neck to keep that fall chill from creeping in, and who doesn't like the feel of a fleece pullover when wearing a short sleeved shirt?

Because it is fleece, the pullover is breathable, which is great in certain instances. But as it gets colder, put a windbreaker on over it, because it does not insulate you if there's a cold breeze. Also, try not to allow it to get wet when while you wear it. That'll make you cold also.

I haven't really found a use for the chest pocket yet. It's certainly functional, but it's small and won't hold a ton of stuff. I can put my cell phone in there, but other than that, anything else goes into pockets on my pants. I'm a pockets guy. I like to store things on my person, so I'd like to see some other functional pockets.

As a backpacker, I'll say that, being fleece, this does not pack down well. It makes a good fuzzy pillow if I choose not to wear it, but depending on what I'm carrying, it could take up valuable space if I have to carry it in my backpack. But it doesn't weigh much and it's great to wear when setting up camp. I use it all the time for winter hiking.

The last negative thing I want to say about this pullover is that it collects lint/hair/dust like crazy. This is par for the course for fleece, but it's worth noting. I don't feel bad about washing it, though, because after countless washings, it's still in really good shape.

Overall, this thing is great. I can't think of anything under $100 that holds up to everyday wear for 15 years without needing repair. And, since it's made from recycled soda bottles, it just goes to show that you can help save the environment while looking good and feeling super comfortable. It's super functional that can be used for many different activities. Whatever activities you enjoy doing, you can find a way to work this into your wardrobe.

Now that you've read the review, go out and get one. Or save up some money and then get one. It's an investment you won't regret.

Followup: I was asked to post some pictures, so here are two of them:


Hopefully you can see that the fleece is still in great shape, although it has pilled a bit so it's not as fuzzy as it used to be. But the seams and buttons are still in great shape and the spandex at the end of the sleeves and around the waistline are still pretty elastic.

I got this in navy blue, and so you can see that the color hasn't really faded at all. You may notice on one of the sleeve there is a white mark...that was from me being careless around a fire...fleece and fire are not a good combination.


Just to give you an idea of the size of the chest pocket, this is a standard deck of playing cards. The pocket can hold anything around this size and a little larger. My cell phone is bigger than a deck of cards and it fits in the pocket. Here you may be able to see how the fleece has pilled up a bit, but it's still in great shape, considering it'll be able to get its drivers license next year!


Thanks for the review, Adam! I'm stunned you can still wear a shirt you got when you were 11yo!!!!! I've got a couple of fleeces that are 10+ years. I pull 'em out of cold weather car camping.

11 months ago

That's pretty sweet that you're still wearing the fleece your grandparents gave you in 5th grade.

11 months ago

I'd love to see you add a pic of the fleece, Adam.

11 months ago
Adam Jepson

That's a good idea Alicia! I never think to do that...I'll post it soon.

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11 months ago

Solid w/o the bulk, always handy to have that chest…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $89


Solid w/o the bulk, always handy to have that chest pocket, perfect anytime of the year. Great to slip on after surfing on an autumn early evening.


  • Lasts forever


  • Got to take off to wash

Fits perfect to sizing.

Colorful assortment of colors.

Lasts a lifetime.

Got two of them.