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Prodigy 13.5

rated 5 of 5 stars A most excellent kayak for flat and mostly calm waters (rivers, lakes, and bays). Very stable with plenty of room for a companion, whether a larger dog or most tweens and younger. Excels at kayak camping. Don't be fooled by the Cons, this is an awesome kayak if you are serious about bringing your buddy with you, kayak camping, or both.  It also works just fine for a short solo paddle as well, although so do plenty of other kayaks. Marketing. I fault copy/paste marketing folks for having bad info… Full review

Impulse 10

rated 4 of 5 stars Great kayak for recreation paddling on calm waters. Would recommend for fishing, photography, and recreation. The main attraction for me to the Impulse was the very large cockpit, both length and width. As I have limited movement of my knees, the large cockpit meant I didn't have to struggle and try bend my knees up to my chest to get it and out. I find it reasonable easy to enter and exit, and the extra width allows me to pivot while still seated to get my legs out first. The dashboard is handy… Full review

Expression 15.0 Kayak with TruTrak Skeg

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A fantastic touring kayak that handles well in most conditions. Build quality is good and paddling it is a pleasure. Easy to roll, paddles well on edge and great for the intermediate paddler to advance their skills but isn't quite ready for (or doesn't have the storage for!) a longer more dedicated sea boat. I have used both the 14.5 Expression (called the 14 in the UK) and the Expression 15. Both are great boats that in some instances noticeably different. Starting with storage, the 15 has a… Full review

Expression 15.0 Kayak with TruTrak Skeg

rated 1 of 5 stars Significant safety issue associated with seating system I bought this boat 2 weeks ago and have put approximately 25 miles on the Black River in Northern New York without problem. My initial impression was this was an excellent boat. However, yesterday I took the boat out to Southwicks Beach on Lake Ontario. There was a pretty good chop with 2-3 foot swells. My purpose for the trip was to practice deep water self rescues and rolls. I took the boat out about 100 meters and dumped it. I've done stern… Full review

Sundance 12 Kayak

rated 4 of 5 stars Fine choice for a first-time or all-around solid recreational kayak. Have had the Perception Sundance 12 Kayak for years and have been happy with it overall. The Sundance 12 is a roomy sit-in recreational kayak that will accommodate a larger range of users. The cockpit has a very large opening that will suit bigger/taller paddlers and makes entry and exit easier.  Adjustable foot braces help customize the fit while on the water.  The seat is pretty comfortable with an adjustable (inflatable) lumbar… Full review

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