Petzl Nomic



I'll preface the five star rating by saying that I…

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I'll preface the five star rating by saying that I have never owned an off the shelf ice tool that performed this well without any modifications. I've owned or used most of the new generation leashless tools (Petzl Ergo, BD Fusion, Simond Scud/Coyote, Grivel Monster/X-Monster) and none have come close to the overall high performance of the Nomic.

Most of the tools listed above specialize in either ice climbing or mixed climbing, but the Nomic performs at the highest level for both ice and rock. It is rock solid on ice and the high clearance gets around the biggest ice features. For mixed climbing, it is incredibly stable, with next to no pick shift when you change between grips. I would highly recommend this tool.


Hey Brian! Have you ever changed pick for dry pick and back to ice? Or put on adze up and down? I wonder if it is durable and allows to change ice pick multiple time or will wear off quick. Thanks

3 years ago