Petzl Spatha



A real dedicated climbing knife. No it doesn't lock,…

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Price Paid: 12$ Can

A real dedicated climbing knife.

No it doesn't lock, but does it have to? In winter climbing when you sometimes have big gloves that render your fingers as usefull as sausages for delicate operations, this knife shines.

Stainless steal means no rust and it kept a decent edge trough some intensive use. (Every weekend for a whole year, with only minor sharpening once in a while) Truth be told for rock climbing there's a lot of good knifes out there. But one as easy as this one to open/close? Havent met many. 

Picture this: You're at a relay station, there's some old crappy slings blocking everything you wanna put in the bolts, you're 20 feet above your last placement and it's marginal. The stance is good but, you can only free one hand. That's when you're glad you bought the spatha or his little brother with the serrated edge. And oh look, he's on his dedicated biner on your harness easy to grab.

And yeah, it's also pretty good at cutting other stuff. Did I mention it was light?


I wonder what Joe Simpson was carrying

1 year ago