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This lamp has the best of all the worlds I need it…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $29.99 on sale


This lamp has the best of all the worlds I need it for at a reasonable price. The options, durability, and comfort make this a good go-to item.


  • 2 red LED lights
  • Good throw of high beam
  • Highly adjustable 2 light LED feature
  • Waterproof to 1m for 30 minutes
  • Takes lithium batteries
  • Big switch button
  • Switch lock
  • Made in USA


  • Bulky
  • Always turns on to red light feature
  • Battery door screw will come undone

I usually research things to death before I buy them. Ironically, I bought this almost on impulse when I was preparing to go on an 11 day canoe trip. My favorite headlamp was "appropriated" on an overseas trip, and I replaced it with its new version. I hated it. So, I had been doing my reading on a lamp that I would find would work better for my needs. Walking down the camping goods aisle in a sporting goods store, this lamp's sale price caught my eye, and then I studied the features. I was sold. I haven't regretted the purchase!

The lamp's high beam triangular mid-sized throw is 90 meters (Ptec calls this main beam form 'medium' but it's not because they compromised on distance or width, they just combined them both in to an elongated triangle), and the low dimmable setting is 20 meters. The lamp sports three sets of bulbs: 2 red LEDs, 2 white dimmable LEDs and 1 high output LED bulb. Run times are 110 hours on high, and 150 on low with alkaline batteries. Lithium batteries will significantly extend use times. The empty lamp weighs in at 2.8 ounces, and with alkaline batteries 3.7.

I needed this lamp to be muliti-use, and I got more than I had even realized at purchase. The waterproof feature was a huge bonus as I wanted it for the canoe trip. I was relieved to have a lamp I didn't have to worry about if I had to press it into service while in the boat or near the water. I also wanted a stronger light to night hike or bike with. The 150 lumen lamp has certainly lived up to its need. I never worried about having enough light with the features of this lamp.

The dimmable LED function is hands down my favorite feature. The dual white LEDs are bright enough to night hike or do camp chores all by themselves, and I LOVE being able to dim down the light for tent use/reading. The secondary LEDs are activated by holding down the button.

(The mode always starts at the dimmest setting which continues to increase in brightness until the button is released; the dim cycle can be cycled again at any time. The light increases in intensity, blinks once, and then dims back down to the lowest setting where it will continue to repeat as long as the button stays depressed, taking ~ 3 seconds) The red LEDs are also bright enough to lots of evening chores and reading as well.

Outside of one major quirk of the battery door screw will come undone while jostling in my gear, I found the lamp to be durable and sturdy. It sports a high water and dust resistance number, and the housing and band seem no worse for wear.

I believe this is a solid lamp with good features for a reasonable price. One lamp that does most for multi-sport users who want a reliable, effective product. I would buy this lamp all over again.


Frustrating product. Would not recommend. This headlamp…

Rating: rated 2.5 of 5 stars
Source: Rec'd as gift (told bought at REI).


Frustrating product. Would not recommend.


  • Pros are useless if you can't light the lamp.


  • Battery life is unacceptable. NOT what PTEC claims.

This headlamp has the listed FEATURES as are advertised, but are useless when the lamp fails to light. The batteries DO NOT last anywhere near what they claim. There is NO WAY I get HOURS out of each set of batteries, and I use alkaline, exactly what they recommend. And I do not mix old with new.

I use my lamp when I go to my barn after dark. Total time of usage would be 10 to 20 minutes each trip. I am lucky to get three trips before batteries die. PTEC can brag all they want about the great features, but it is nothing when the lamp won't light. It EATS batteries like crazy.  

I keep my lamp at my house, like I said for farm use, but if I ever had to use it elsewhere I would go to Sam's Club and buy bulk batteries to take along. I told this to the store where it was purchased (REI) and they agreed with me. Said the battery usage is the biggest complaint on this item, and sales on "Vizz" have slowed down substantially since word is getting out.

Definitely would NOT recommend this lamp to anyone. What an outrageous price for such a poor quality product. WalMart probably has a better one.


Thanks for the review! Princeton Tec is normally a reliable manufacturer. I wonder if you got a bad unit or if there is something wrong with the entire product line. Did you return it to REI? If not, I would contact PT's customer service department. They may replace it.

1 month ago
V Auman

Thank you Goose. Yes I have returned it to REI for replacement. Same thing on replacement. That is when we had the discussion about the batteries being a major complaint. I haven't contacted PTec yet as the rep at REI gave me the impression it would be useless, but I guess it wouldn't hurt. Thanks!

1 month ago

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The Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp packs high power spot, dimmable flood beams and red flood beams into an impact resistant, waterproof package. A powerful high-tech light for all your outdoor adventures. The single MaxBright LED bulb casts a super bright 165 lumen beam out to 300 feet for distance work, on your feet or on the bike.Two white UltraBright LEDs illuminate a wider area at up to 120 feet. And these LEDs are dimmable for your precise lighting needs.Two red UltraBright LEDs preserve your night-adjusted vision and offer plenty of light for close work. All three bulb sets are operated from a single switch for easy light selection. And yes, the red light comes on first.Waterproof down to 3.3 feet (1 meter), it's a perfect headlamp for kayaking, rafting, SUP, canoeing and other water sport activities. Powered by three AAAs, with your choice of alkaline (included), lithium or rechargeable batteries. There's a low battery indicator light to give you a heads up on time to make sure you've got your spares handy.When not in use you can lock the Vizz so it doesn't turn on accidentally and drain you batteries. Headlamp tilts to put the light just where you need it. Long battery burn times: MaxBright - 110 hours, white UltraBrights - 120 hours, red UltraBrights - 150 hours.Adjustable elastic headband is soft and comfortable for all-night wear.


Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp BlackUse this Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp to take all your adventures in the great outdoors to another level. This headlamp has been designed to give you a very useful 160 lumens so that you can see everything in front of you quite well despite the darkness. You get to enjoy up to 160 hours of burn time so that it lasts throughout your adventures. It has various lamp modes such as 1 Maxbright LED, 2 Ultrabright White LED, and 2 Ultrabright Red LED so that you have ample illumination options. This headlamp is ideal for hiking, camping, and just about any other type of outing in the great outdoors. It works on 3 AAA alkaline batteries, which are very easy to put in and take out for your convenience. Plus, this headlamp weighs only 92 g. with batteries, making it light enough to carry around comfortably. Be fully prepared with this Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp.

- SunnySports

On Sale. Free Shipping. Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp FEATURES of the Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp 2 Ultrabright LEDs: The highest quality LED available, the Ultrabright LED is bright and efficient. The smooth, white, wide-beam light emitted by Ultrabright LEDs is ideal for close to mid-range tasks 3 AAA Alkaline batteries (Included) Dimmable LED: This advanced circuitry allows selection of whichever power level suits user requirements Heatsink Technology: Princeton Tec has developed proprietary ultralight heatsinks to protect LED products from overheating. Even though LEDs operate at much lower temperatures than traditional incandescent bulbs, they still generate heat. If this heat is not dissipated, the LED will suffer irreversible damage. By using heatsinks, Princeton Tec lights can burn at extreme brightness levels for long periods of time. The heatsink may be incorporated internally or externally depending on the product and its application Focused Narrow Beams: This pattern creates a long, powerful beam of light excellent for illuminating distant areas. The resulting long-throw spotlight is especially well-suited for night hiking and search and rescue Lumen 150: The light output of Princeton Tec lights is measured in lumens. A lumen is unit derived by the International System of Units (SI) for measuring light output Maxbright LED: The highest quality LED available from Lumileds, Princeton Tec's Maxbright LED is extremely bright and efficient. This single LED emits a smooth, powerful, white light useful for a wide range of tasks. Princeton Tec uses collimators or reflectors with the Maxbright LED depending upon the application Multiple Modes: Multiple settings on many of our products give you the flexibility to adjust your light's brightness and/or beam width to illuminate greater distances or to conserve battery power, depending on your needs Regulated LED / Constant Brightness: Princeton Tec lights that feature regulated LEDs have a sophisticated regulating circuit that maintains initial brightness as long as the batteries have sufficient voltage Waterproof Level 2: Princeton Tec's intermediate rating, Level 2, is assigned to lights that offer a degree of water protection equivalent to IPX7 in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. Lights rated at Level 2 provide waterproof integrity down to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes Ideal Uses: Camping, caving, climbing, hunting and fishing, nordic, paddling, running, and technical work SPECIFICATIONS of the Princeton Tec Vizz Headlamp Power: 150 Lumens Lamp Settings: Maxbright LED, Ultrabright White LED, Ultrabright Red LED Max Burn Time: 160 hours Batteries: 3 AAA Alkaline or Lithium (alkaline batteries included) Weight: 92 g

- Moosejaw

The Vizz is a multifunction headlamp that features a Maxbright LED (150 lumens, 110 hours), two Ultrabright White LEDs (30 lumens, 160 hours), and two Ultrabright Red LEDs (15 lumens, 150 hours). 92 grams, uses 3 AAA batteries.

- Ramsey Outdoor

Lightweight and super bright, the Vizz Headlamp from Princeton Tec offers three distinct beam profiles easily accessed via a simple press, hold, or double press of the on-off button. One Maxbright LED creates a powerful 165 lumen spot beam for long-throw illumination, a pair of white Ultrabright LEDs deliver a dimmable flood beam, and two red Ultrabright LEDs handle close-range lighting while preserving night adjusted vision. The Vizz is waterproof (IPX7) and equipped with regulated circuitry, making the Vizz lithium battery compatible. PRODUCT FEATURES: POWER: 165 Lumens LAMP: Maxbright LED, Ultrabright White LED, Ultrabright Red LED BURN TIME: 150 Hours BATTERIES: 3 AAA Alkaline or Lithium WEIGHT: 92 Grams

- Appalachian Outdoors