Sorry REI, you lost me on this one. The pad held up…

Rating: rated 1.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $50 Giftcard plus $29.99 plus shipping/tax


Sorry REI, you lost me on this one.


  • Lighter than most in its class
  • Comes with a patch kit....and you'll need it


  • Poor seams, particularly around the valve and corners
  • Loses air quickly

The pad held up for a few nights of shelter camping along the AT, but then I used it in a tent and was disappointed that it deflated within a few hours. Patched the two seam leaks when I got home, only to have it happen again in a different spot the next time I used it. 

While the valve opens and seals nicely, my leaks all happened around the valve and at the lower edge and corners. I took it back to a local REI store, and was told that I couldn't exchange it under its "warranty" because I purchased it online. SO I called and was told I had to send it back so they could "evaluate the pad and look for signs of abuse".

I'm not impressed with the product, policies or service...