Rottefella NTN Freeride

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The goto binding for the New Telemark NormLike it or not NTN is the way of the future NTN was developed by the Norwegian manufacture Rotefella and brought to market around 2007 Eight years later the bugs have been worked out and NTN is slowly but surely pushing the classic duckbill out of the market Theres a reason for this transition NTN systems offer a safety release brakes and stepin convenience If youre replacing your old 75mm duckbill boots consider swapping your whole setup to NTN The Rotefella Freeride was the first NTN binding to hit the market and remains the standard of NTN bindings The bindings revolutionary toe clamp and boots duckbutt provide unbeatable torsional rigidity for the best edge control Forward flexing resistance is strong out of the box but an easy microadjusting system allows users to dial in added stiffness Paired with a 4 buckle boot the Freeride is a burly enough binding to drive the fattest hardest charging skis on the market Switching from a traditional tele setup to NTN can be hard on your wallet since youll need a new pair of boots the Freeride provides a little relief in this regard One binding can be used for every ski in your quiver The frame of the binding slides on and off of a mounting plate so the binding can quickly be moved to another ski mounted with a second ski kit One binding for the whole quiverThe Freeride is a real performer on the downhill but it holds its own on the way up too The pull of a lever on the toe piece unlocks 30 degrees of nearfree pivot range A small amount of tension remains in free pivot mode which is barely noticeable on the skin track but can make kick turns a bit more of a chore Check out the Rottefella Freedom for killer uphill performance Features Benefits110mm brakes Easy entry and exit while standing no need to kneel down Heel elevator for climbing 30 degrees of nearly free pivot range Increased lateral stability edge control and adjustable forward flex Lateral release function NTN mounting plate and heel allows for use on multiple pairs of skis Convenient symmetrical bindings no left or right


The Rottefella NTN Freeride is a binding for freeride telemark skiing. It gives the skier unparalleled edge control and offers the simplicity and security of an alpine binding without sacrificing the freedom of the heels.