Great long distance hiking shoes. Perfect for any…

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Great long distance hiking shoes. Perfect for any thru-hiker on most any trail.


  • Wide comfortable stance
  • Water resistant
  • Cushioned feel
  • Company backs defects well
  • I personally can't remember getting any blisters in these shoes even during a 14-mile break-in hike


  • Spoke with a few hikers that had small leaks at stitching

I was introduced to these shoes through Andrew Skurka. He mentioned he had used these and with his recommendation I tried them out. First, on the roller coaster in Northern Virginia on the Appalachian Trail where I experienced the best two days hiking in a pair of shoes for which I can recall.

Then I hiked 80 miles in the High Sierras up to Mount Whitney. The weather was hot and clear and the negatives people said about these shoes didn't really pan out. I think any shoes in the Sierras could get hot mid summer.

I also took these on the Vermont Long Trail and they performed admirably.

5 stars for a great shoe. 


Welcome to Trailspace, Chris! About how many miles do you think you've put on these shoes already? Also, I'd love to see some pictures of them in action, if you're willing to add some to your review.

1 year ago
Chris Vores

I have 300 miles plus on them.

1 year ago
Chris Vores

The picture on here are the low tops. I wear the mids.

1 year ago

Thanks for the clarification, Chris. I've moved your review under the mid model.

1 year ago