Salomon XA Pro 3D



These are my now go-to hiking and backpacking shoes…

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $130


These are my now go-to hiking and backpacking shoes that replaced my boots. It's also nice that they double as trail running shoes as needed. These are perfect for someone who wants to move fast on the trail but still wants the ankle support of a boot.

I'd definitely recommend these if you are looking for a light fast and grippy shoe for all kinds of terrain.


  • Ankle support
  • Light weight
  • Super grippy
  • Great colors
  • Super comfortable
  • Shoe lace system


  • Rocks can get in, best to use some gaiters

Just took these shoes on a cross-country backpacking trip, everything from climbing up and down talus, hike on unkept trails, through meadows, up and down passes. They performed amazingly. The fit is true to size and feels great, tightening the laces with the awesome lacing system gets you an even more snug and comfortable overall fit.

This was the first time I used them so I broke them in on the trail, but they were great the entire time. I did get blisters, but that was not the shoes' fault. I had purchased some SuperFeet for my bad arches and the footbed from those didn't agree with my feet. I have since used the shoes with the regular insoles and it felt much better without the SuperFeet.

I would definitely recommend using a lightweight gaiter with these though. I did get dirt and small rocks inside, but it was super easy to take on and off to clean out. I also carried a spare pair of laces just in case they were to break, but I had no problems in that area at all.

These aren't waterproof and on my 4-day trip in the High Sierras we did get hit by a 7 hour storm, so my feet were pretty wet (there was no cover to hide under) just got downpoured on. The shoes dried out much faster then a pair of GTX shoes would have once the sun came out.

The grip on these shoes is insane! We had to descend a super sketchy talus mountain side while it was raining and thundering. If the rock has any kind of texture even when it's wet these don't slip. My friend who had waterproof boots was slipping all over the place! If the rock is smooth and wet there really isn't any shoe that will help you in a situation like that, just gotta be cautious.

On regular dry vs wet ground I felt absolutely no difference in traction, gripped perfectly. My feet were also the perfect temp, never overheated at all. I look forward to using these more and more when I go out hiking.


Thanks for sharing this helpful review, Cameron. I hope you'll keep us posted on how the shoes continue to hold up. p.s. Nice highline pic.

9 months ago

I have so much I want to say and ask about this review! First, I'd love to see some pictures of the treads and the ankle support. Second, I found Superfeet to be lacking. Try Sole inserts Much superior. Third, did I mention wanting to see some pics?

9 months ago
Joseph Renow

Cameron...I think you have a great shoe here (I use them myself)...they are really beefy shoes for the weight (the toe-box is particularly well done)...and the lacing system is incredibly fast and easy. Maybe you could add some detail about the lacing system (a photo or two for Goose) and the more protective elements since these aspect of the shoe make it special?

9 months ago

Shoe has held up well, however one of the shoelaces…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $99

Shoe has held up well, however one of the shoelaces broke. Not sure how you replace the factory shoelace as Asymmetrical lacing has multiple loops that are "factory" tied off.

I used a conventional replacement shoelace that was larger in diameter than original shoelace. After repeated attempts (30 mins.) I finally replaced shoe, however I was only able to use the upper eyeholes as the asymetrical eyeholes will not work with a traditional shoelace.


I have had knee problems ever since I was a teenager--"overuse,"…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: not sure

I have had knee problems ever since I was a teenager--"overuse," they used to say. I walk primarily on the outside of my feet and then roll inward; there's a term for it, but I can never remember what it is. Doctors have always told me to wear Asics 2100s, which I was doing, but the knee pain never went away, and I always had to limit my endurance running, which made me unhappy.

A year and a half ago I purchased these trail runners at Appalachian Outdoors in State College, PA, because they were on sale and I thought I would try a different type of running shoe. The salesperson said these shoes are many endurance runners' favorites, and I thought--what do I have to lose?

Well, I'm on my third pair now (the XA Pro 3D Ultra), and I couldn't be happier! Ever since I started running in these shoes, my knee pain has almost completely gone away. It's unbelievable to me. I thought I would have to give up running someday soon (and I'm only 29), but now I am running more than I was in the past.

I want to kiss the person who designed these trail runners! I have no idea how these shoes caused my knee pain to disappear, but I don't care. I will be a Salomon XA Pro 3D customer for life!


I've owned a few pairs of these now, and can honestly…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Materials: synthetic
Use: day bushwalking, trail running
Break-in Period: 0 days
Price Paid: $150

I've owned a few pairs of these now, and can honestly say they are the best fit of a trail shoe i have had.

They are comfortable, the soles have great traction, great stability, i liked the lacing system...though have seen a few broken ones through work, and i think its not awesome for people with narrow feet as you end up with a lot of dangling cord hanging around.

the reason i give them 4 stars is the durability.
the last pair i had lasted less that 6 months, only used hiking and trail running. the soles wore out so fast! the inside at the heel also wore out quickly, but it is a common problem with my heel shape and would happen to any shoe.

a shame they wore out so quick, i was reluctant to buy another pair as they are so pricey in australia. the first pair i owned seemed to have last much longer (18 months? i think)

bottom line: very comfy and stable. not very long lasting.


This is my first pair of Salomon shoes. They are exactly…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Use: everyday use
Break-in Period: none that i know or feel of
Weight: light (12-14 ounces)
Price Paid: $70

This is my first pair of Salomon shoes. They are exactly what I expected. My father got a pair about 3-4 years ago and i have worn them a couple times and i was hooked ever since.

A lot of people complain about how the laces are a pain, but i think that these laces, with the zip-tie like function, is the way laces were meant to be. whats easier? taking a minute to tie both laces, or simply give the cord a good pull and fasten the lock and be on your way?

and the comfort of these shoes are unmatched. when you put them on for the first time you freeze for a second and think, hey these aren't too hard or too soft and they aren't tight either. after wearing them for a while, i don't think that there is a break-in period for these shoes.

the main thing that caught my eye other then the 30% off sales tag, was the great look of these shoes. the shoes aren't very heavy at all. the one flaw in the shoe is that they aren't gore-tex or waterproofed in the mesh area near the middle of the foot.

overall these shoes might be the best pair i have owned in a long time or ever.


The shoe itself overall is great for the price, but…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars

The shoe itself overall is great for the price, but I'm just not that fond of the lacing systems. Same problem I had with the XA Comps, after a while the lacing systems just seem to unravel. That steers me away from non-conventional lacing. Shoelaces are still the number one for me. Bought and returned to REI, no hassle, no problem.