Savotta 906


Weight 3 kg
Capacity 85 l



A hardcore pack that requires effort to use well,…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
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A hardcore pack that requires effort to use well, but is rewarding.


  • Strong
  • Very adjustable
  • Excellent belt


  • Heavy
  • Complicated adjustments
  • Smallish side pockets

Savotta is a fairly unknown manufacturer. It makes equipment for the Finnish Defence Force and civilian hikers. Most of the gear is rugged and hardwearing. This pack is no exception.

The Savotta 906 is a large (around 90 litre) external frame pack. It weighs in at about 3 kg. Being modelled on a similar military version it can withstand very hard use. The harness is highly adjustable, but complicated. Once adjusted well it is a pleasure to carry. The wide belt take most of the load and spreads it so wide that you can't notice it. On my last hike I carried about 15 kg on my hips, nothing on my shoulders and felt nothing. When carrying 30 kgs weight does go on the shoulders, but is distributed quite well.

Definite cons come from its military heritage. It is sturdier and heavier than a civilian might need. The adjustments are good and suit a very wide range of bodies, but are complicated to use. Also the side pockets are a bit too small.

I would recommend this pack to anyone who knows that they want an external frame pack that can be dropped from the back of a lorry and dragged over a road before used to carry 40 kg. If your needs are more humane there are better packs available.

Savotta 906

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