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Silky Big Boy

rated 5 of 5 stars Best folding saw on the market! Made for pruning trees, it's a 360mm folding hand saw, 14.2-in blade 30.11-in overall length, 6 teeth per inch.It is listed at 1 lb but my saw only weighs 14.5 oz. See more at: The standard bearer for small folding camp saws is the Bahco Laplander. It is the predominant and most often seen saw among campers and bushcrafters. My buddy bought one and it… Full review

Sven Sven-Saw 21UL-2

rated 5 of 5 stars A must have for every camper! Quality, usable, sustainable product. I have owned this saw for 30+ years, using it consistently on hiking, backpacking, car camping, canoeing, and kayaking trips...along with yard pruning. I am still on the original blade, which has retained its sharpness despite my abuses. I have not lost the wingnut at any time, though I have fumbled and dropped it on occasion...yet I don't see that as a weakness or con. Early on, I inadvertently backed over the saw with my truck… Full review

Sven Sven-Saw 21UL-2

rated 4 of 5 stars Great tool for the money and weight. Bought this to replace a foldable saw that was really not much more than a toy. The Sven saw, OTOH is a viable tool for anyone who needs light weight and a self stowing package (saw collapses into the red handle you see in the picture). At 21" you won't be lumberjacking, but cutting up limbs and trees up to about 8 inches in diameter is very realistic. The blade is SHARP, goes through pine like butter, and harder wood very effectively. We use this saw during… Full review

Sven Sven-Saw 21UL-2

rated 5 of 5 stars If you want to take a saw backpacking, this is a fantastic choice. I usually leave it at home for warmer trips, but during the winter it's a great tool to have for cranking out large amounts of firewood. It'll chew through 4-5" logs easily, and if you're patient, you can cut down entire (dead) trees with it. It collapses down to a long, slim tube that's easy to pack, and setup and breakdown is a quick and easy process. It's way lighter than most hatchets, and you can produce much more wood for the… Full review

TrailBlazer 18-Inch Take-Down Buck Saw

rated 5 of 5 stars Trailblazer quality. I was actually looking for a Sawvivor in the first place, but since I am in Turkey, I had not had any luck of getting one from an online source so I started looking for other saws. I saw some reviews about this particular model, they were all positive. I then was able get one through ebay. I got it and put it in my gear box, not knowing what it was capable of until last week when I went to this season's first winter camp. Along with my two buddies, we made a winter snow camp. Full review

Sven Sven-Saw 15UL-3

rated 5 of 5 stars I've had one of these saws for more than twenty years. It's the handiest backpacking saw around, in my opinion. It will cut through softwoods like you-know-what. If I didn't already have two large bow saws, I'd buy the 21 inch version of this saw as well and just keep it in my car. If you've ever seen a tree blocking your drive back to civilization, you'll know why. The Sven-Saw is lightweight and fits into any backpack worth carrying. The saw is easily assembled, even when wearing gloves or mittens. Full review

Gerber Gator Combo Axe II

rated 4 of 5 stars Surprisingly durable, decent hatchet. The Gerber Gator Axe 2 is a decent hatchet (despite its name, it really falls into the hatchet category), albeit nothing special. The hatchet does what a hatchet is designed to do, and while the blade shape isn't the most practical, it's certainly serviceable, as long as you realize it will take a little more effort to get the same results that you would have with an Estwing, American ax, Wetterlings, etc. The hatchet is surprisingly durable, considering it's… Full review

Chainmate 36-Inch Survival Pocket Saw

rated 4 of 5 stars Small but efficient hand powered chain saw. Very useful for trail work, firewood gathering and even at home. This saw was purchased primarily for testing purposes without much expectation for good results.  When I opened the package and discovered the size of the saw in its case I definitely wasn't expecting much. The case dimensions are roughly 5"h x 3.5"w x 1.5d and it comes with a wide loop on the back for wearing on a belt or lashing to the outside of a pack. On removing the saw from the case… Full review

Gerber Exchange-A-Blade Saw

rated 1.5 of 5 stars A lightweight folding saw great for backpacking, hiking, camping, or any other general outdoors use. The saw is actually produced and manufactured by Fiskars— the guys who brought you child safe plastic scissors—but distributed and marketed through its sub-division company; Gerber. It's marketed as being a tough, durable, and lightweight piece of serious equipment for the serious outdoorsman. Unfortunately the only accurate description is the light weight. Otherwise this saw is very disappointing. Full review