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Sea to Summit's AlphaLight Long Spoon is an ultralight,…

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Sea to Summit's AlphaLight Long Spoon is an ultralight, anodized aluminum spoon that, due to its superiority, has replaced the Titanium Spork I've carried for nearly 15 years.


  • Ultralight (0.4 oz)
  • Reaches the bottom of freeze-dried food bags
  • Clips to your pack with a 0.05 mini-biner


  • Loses the tines of a spork
  • Wish the bowl was a bit larger

Most of us have done it...Finished off the last of our Mountain House meal by digging into the bottom of the bag and allowing our hand to be covered in tomato sauce or other goo. It seems to go with the territory.

Let's start with a short, slightly narcissistic video.

For 15 years, my Snow Peak Titanium Spork has been my companion on every camping adventure, but earlier this year, I stumbled upon the Sea to Summit AlphaLight Long Spoon. There was, of course, a moment of indecision. I mean, I've had my spork almost as long as I've had my wife, and I'm a pretty committed person.

Oh, but that AlphaLight Long Spoon tempted me...with its extra long handle, promise of being lighter, and $8 price tag (Honestly, $8!!!). I decided to begin my affair with this spoon.

Let's do some side-by-side comparisons.

First, the AlphaLight Long Spoon is a full 2" longer than the Snowpeak Titanium Spork.

Snowpeak Titanium Spork— 6.5 inches

AlphaLight Long Spoon— 8.5 inches

Sure, in everyday usage, the AlphaLight Long Spoon comes across as freakishly long. HOWEVER, it was designed for those eating freeze-dried meals from the pouch.

Observe the difference:


Puny spork that can't reach the bottom of the bag.


Svelte spoon that takes keeps my hand out of the bag!

Second, the AlphaLight Long Spoon is 1/10th of an ounce lighter than my spork. I placed both on the postal scale at work to confirm the advertised numbers:

Snow Peak Titanium Spork: 0.5oz (actually, Snow Peak lists it at 0.6oz, but I weighed it)

AlphaLight Long Spoon: 0.4oz

Okay, I know I can come across as a gram weenie in my reviews, and 1/10th of an ounce isn't much, BUT keep in mind we've added a full 2" to the spoon AND it's still lighter, PLUS that weight includes the handy-dandy mini-biner, which leads me to...

Third, the mini-biner proves to be very handy in keeping the spoon where you can find it. Yes, some silly utensils fold or slide in order to fit into your cook kit (This would be a good moment to mock this item Since the AlphaLight Long Spoon isn't going to fit into my mess kit, the biner is great for securing my spoon in a place where I can easily find it later.

The Snowpeak Titanium Spork has a small slit in its handle, I suppose, to tie a string through.

[Side note: The very fact that I would carry and use the mini-biner proves I'm not a Gram Weenie. Okay, yeah, I tried dehydrating my toothpaste once, but....]

Fourth, the spork wins in the category of being able to stab food. Let's face it, a spoon (or the [giggle] GSI Telescoping Foon) lacks the utility of a spork. And the spork has a larger bowl for holding solid food....BUT both the spork and spoon only hold 1 teaspoon of liquid in its bowl. Although the spork looks significantly bigger, it's an illusion. The very tines that I like about the spork mean liquids are limited to 1tsp. Soup eating is equal in this equation.


I wish the bowl on the AlphaLight Long Spoon was a full Tablespoon. Otherwise, I find it superior in every way to my 15-year-old spork.

Of course, the question is will the AlphaLight Long Spoon last as long as my titanium spork?


Some company needs to come out with a long handled spork, that i would be banannas over

2 years ago

It's not a spork, but I'm a fan of this long-handled ti spoon from REI, but for some reason they stopped offering it:

2 years ago

Alicia, I have a theory about REI (and several other companies). They retire perfectly good/great gear in order to introduce new products to create a sense of "need" in their buyers. I own a Flash 65 backpack that was Backpacker Magazine's pack of the year a few years ago (2010??). They've now replaced that pack with a Flash 62. What? Why? But here's the deal--the Large 62 is 65 liters and weighs the same amount as a 65. So...

2 years ago

You're not alone in that theory, Goose. I still don't get why they'd get rid of the long ti spoon. It was a simple, but good, product.

2 years ago

REI's $2.00 Long Spoon weighs .5 ounces, is the same length, and has a larger bowl.

2 years ago

To further muddy the waters, Soto Outdoors has introduced the folding Pocket Spork OD-SPK. It has a titanium bowl that appears will hold more than the Snow Peak spork or AlphaLight Long Spoon and a stainless steel handle. When opened it's 7.3" long; closed it is 4.3". Soto says it weighs 0.78 oz.

2 years ago

No muddying. 7.3" won't reach the bottom of the bag!

2 years ago
Sean Harrison

Hehe, good review. I usually cut a few inches off the top of the foil bag to avoid "gravy fingers".

2 years ago
Bill "L.Dog" Garlinghouse

On the subject of REI retiring things ... Clearly they put their name on other manufacturer's stuff. I'd bet a quarter the REI merino wool base layer I have was made by Smartwool, cause REI stopped selling their branded merino about the same time they started carrying Smartwool. And doesn't the REI spoon look an awful lot like S2S?

2 years ago
Bill "L.Dog" Garlinghouse

In the spoon v spork debate, I almost never have to stab anything, but I do want to scrape the last few calories outta the bottom of my pot, and the spork is a problematic design for that requirement :)

2 years ago