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The Sea to Summit Toaster fleece liner is a bit bulky…

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The Sea to Summit Toaster fleece liner is a bit bulky and heavy but can be used in a few different ways. I ended up using it more as a summer bag and a bag cover in the winter. Due to its size and weight I see it being used more for recreational camping rather than long backpacking trips.


  • Versatile
  • Has full length zipper
  • Has hood with draw cord


  • Bulky
  • A bit heavy
  • Only one size and one color option available

I picked this liner up at a local outfitter for a week long winter backpacking trip I was planning this past year. I was expecting single digit temps and blistering winds, and since I get cold really easy I was looking to boost the warmth of my old Kelty 0 Degree Cosmic down sleeping bag. I also took it with me on a couple of overnights recently this summer. Ended up not using it as a liner much at all.

It is a mummy shaped micro fleece liner and is only available in a single size and only in the color black. It comes with a stuff sack, has a 3/4 length zipper and a contoured hood with elastic draw cord. 

Online Specs: the length is 78'', the width is 28'' at the top and 12'' at the bottom with a weight of 20 ounces.

I notice that these measurements are close enough to accurate when the bag is laid out flat. However, it is fleece and it does stretch. I can stand in it with my hands over my head or stretched out in front of me with no problem. So it has the size if you need it. Also, on my scale, with the stuff sack, I got 21.7 ounces.

Easily slides over a big bulky bag, but can be too big when put inside of regular size mummy sleeping bag. To me it is like wearing a loose fitting sock that keeps moving around inside my shoe when I use it as an actual liner.

I somehow always end up using this liner as everything but a liner. I said that I get cold easy, but with a zero degree bag it can be a bit too much. I would use it with a 30-40 degree bag if I expected temps lower than that.

I found myself getting hot so I started using it as a bag cover. It helped increase the warmth of the bag and if it became too much I was able to just unzip it and throw the top off to the side. The zipper stops about a foot before the bottom which leaves a decent size foot box.

On one overnight I was trying out a new sleeping pad that was not working well. That night I used the liner as a ground sheet under my bag and it allowed me to make it through the rest of the night.

There was one summer night I tried the liner solo. I think the temps hit low 60's. For me, it was not enough! Good into the 70's, but no less without more insulation.

The black fleece attracts tons of hair and having three dogs I am constantly battling this problem. I have not had any problems with my zipper or the draw cord. No seams coming apart and the fleece seems to be holding up great after three washes without shrinking or any noticeable difference at all. 

The included stuff sack helps to contain the liner, but the whole thing is a bit big and bulky for what it is.

I would recommend this liner for car campers and overnight trips. I personally feel that it is too big and would not want to carry it on any long hiking trips. It does provide added warmth and can be used in variety of ways.










Thanks for the very helpful review, Chris! It's good to know the liner's limitations and best uses.

1 month ago

Thanks for the detailed review, Chris. I've never seen one of these, but I'm glad to learn about it. As a cold sleeper, this looks like something worth looking in to!

1 month ago
Chris Myers


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