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Recent Short Sleeve Performance Top Reviews

Icebreaker Sonic Short Sleeve Crewe

rated 4 of 5 stars Lightweight merino wool. Soft, comfortable and no stink after days in the backcountry. The Icebreaker Sonic short sleeve shirt is soft to the touch, lightweight, and durable. There was no evidence of abrasion after wearing this shirt with a backpack for many miles. It was very breathable when exercising, I never felt like I was overheating. It dried quickly on the body and kept me comfortably warm as temperatures cooled.  The shirt is well constructed, seams are finished well, and tags perforated… Full review

Sierra Designs Short Sleeve Pack Polo

rated 5 of 5 stars I have hiked in hundreds of different shirts, baselayers, fishing shirts, sleeveless monstrosities, they all kind of work just fine. The Pack Polo is more than fine, it is AWESOME!! It stretches, it breathes, it layers, and it doesn't look ridiculous!! This shirt is ideal for the adventure traveler, hiker, backpacker, or bike commuter who wants something technical, yet presentable. While wearing a pack or while bumming around town, the Pack Polo fits comfortably in the arm pits and mid section,… Full review

Montane Shark Ultra Tee

rated 5 of 5 stars The Montane Shark Ultra Tee is a most impressive garment! It fits well, it breathes very well, it remains virtually odor free, and it wears like iron. Although it was designed for trail running I highly recommend it, without reservation, for any athletic outdoor activity and particularly as a base layer. Features: The Montane Shark Ultra Tee is a garment designed for Mountain Running, Trail Running, and Mountain Marathons. It is made of a synthetic hyper stretch fabric that Montane calls Quartz… Full review

Salomon Men's Trail T

rated 4 of 5 stars Very lightweight and well made shirt. I bought two of these in the medium size, which turned out to be a little too small in the chest and length. That would be my only critique. The shirts are very light, wick the sweat well, and are very comfortable. I highly recommend these shirts, just pick one size larger. Full review

Sugoi Pace Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

rated 4 of 5 stars Super comfortable warm weather hiking shirt. Breathes great, dries fast. Years ago, when I got serious about hiking, I tried all of the latest and greatest synthetic hiking shirts. They really didn't cut it for me. They always felt hot and stuffy, and I never really felt comfortable. Then I discovered merino wool shirts, and became a big fan. But having gotten into road cycling in the last few years, and having purchased a number of really comfortable jerseys, it seemed that synthetics had come… Full review

L.L.Bean Coolweave Technical Fishing Shirt, Short-Sleeve

rated 4 of 5 stars I am not a fisherman, but this shirt has become my "go-to" shirt for day hikes and canoeing. It is comfortable, cool, has UPF+50 sun protection, a zippered pocket, and other features I like. It is a bit pricier than my t-shirts, but I think I may be purchasing another in a different color. I have the short sleeve version of the shirt—it does come in a long sleeve version, which I may consider in the future. The fit is relaxed, and the fabric does not cling, even while hiking in hot and muggy conditions. Full review

Columbia PFG Freezer Zero Short Sleeve

rated 3 of 5 stars A high quality, well built shirt that claims to keep you cooler by incorporating a special polymer in the weave that holds moisture which causes fast evaporation and cooling. Best for runners or bikers where you get some breeze. I live and hike mostly in the desert, so when I got the opportunity to test and review a product that claimed to keep me cooler in the desert heat, I jumped on the chance. Description: The Columbia Freeze Degree and Total Zero short sleeve tee shirts claim to keep you… Full review

Columbia Trail Pro Freezer Crew

rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent, comfortable, cool wearing...unbeatable quality and style! Here's to hoping Columbia brings these shirts back...they are unbeatable for summer wear. Full review

Under Armour T-shirt

rated 5 of 5 stars This lightweight shirt is an extremely versatile garment. The cotton-feel poly is soft to the touch, but durable, tough, and quick drying. In my ever-constant hunt for a good bargain with tech gear, I have never found a garment that I love so much. As hard as I have used this shirt, it continues to hold its shape, even when washed by hand, wrung out, and slopped over a make shift clothes line. I am not real keen on the knitted quick dry fabrics many tech shirts sport, so this shirt feels like spun… Full review

Top-Rated Short Sleeve Performance Tops

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2XU Comp S/S Run Top
$60 MSRP
2XU Compression S/S Top
2XU Elite Run Top
$70 MSRP
2XU Elite SS Compression Top
2XU Short Sleeve Compression Top
$90 MSRP
Adidas Response Short Sleeve Tee
Adidas Response Sleeveless Tee
$25 MSRP
Adidas Supernova Racer Back Top
Adidas Supernova Short Sleeve Tee
$38 MSRP
Adidas Supernova Sleeveless Tee
Adidas Supernova Stylite Short Sleeve Tee
Adidas Supernova Tank Top
$45 MSRP
Adidas Supertrekking 1/2 Zip
Adidas Supertrekking Short Sleeve Tee
Adidas Terrex Swift Short Sleeve Tee
$20 - $44
Alo Balance Short Sleeve Tee
Alo Capture Short Sleeve Tee
$44 MSRP
Alo Color Block Tank
Alo Compression Short Sleeve Tee
Alo CoolFit Sport Polo Shirt - Zip Neck
Alo CoolFit Wicking Short Sleeve Tee
Alo CoolFit Wicking Sleeveless Tee
Alo Cross Over Straps Tank
Alo Legend Short Sleeve Tee
Alo Performance Tee
$25 MSRP
Alo Response Tee
Alo Tranquility Tee
Alo Tranquility Tee Sleeveless
Alo Victory Tee
Altrec Outdoors Altrec Bird Logo T-Shirt
Altrec Outdoors Great Outdoors Bird Logo T-Shirt
Arc'teryx Accelerator SS
Arc'teryx Accelerator Zip Neck
Arc'teryx Accelero Comp SS
$41 - $58
Arc'teryx Actinium Sleeveless
Arc'teryx Actinium SS
Arc'teryx Anzo T-Shirt
Arc'teryx Aura Tank
Arc'teryx Blaze Crew SS
Arc'teryx Blaze Tank
Arc'teryx Blaze Zip SS
Arc'teryx Cairn SS Crew
Arc'teryx Cairn SS Zip
Arc'teryx Calypso Tank
Arc'teryx Candidate V-Neck SS
Arc'teryx Captive T-Shirt
Arc'teryx Cassia Sleeveless
Arc'teryx Cita Sleeveless
Arc'teryx Cita Tank
Arc'teryx Cito Crop Top
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