Simple Outdoor Solutions Original Outsak


SM - 8 ounces
MD - 9.5 ounces
LG - 10.5 ounces
SM - 18 x 14 inches
MD - 18 x 19 inches
LG - 18 x 24 inches
SM - 1,100 cubic inches
MD - 1,600 cubic inches
LG - 2,100 cubic inches



I got back a few days back from a Labor (Day) Week…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $40

I got back a few days back from a Labor (Day) Week hike. I was looking up the manufacturer to send a thank you for a great product. I'm that kind of guy. Then I came across some reviews, and thought I would share my experience with others.

I hiked Grand Canyon and we used an Outsak. It was suggested to us at the permit desk at the park. Previously all I have used is a nylon bag, or I would sleep with my food. The rangers weren't trying to sell me one, just suggested that I think about how I was going to store my food. They mentioned rodents and ringtails like to raid campsites. They showed me a mesh bag that stops small animals from getting at your food. I bought a medium.

That night, in out hotel room, we looked at the manufacturer's website and they had some suggestions, in video form, of how to use the bag properly. Very helpful stuff.

I bought one, hesitantly, every penny counts these days. We used it for 3 nights/4 days. It worked wonderfully. On two nights we were able to hang it, on the third we left it on the ground(mostly trash in there at that point) and all seemed find. It got a bit wrinkled along the way, but I can see it making it through several more trips.

On the last morning we woke up before the sun was up, and I could swear the ravens were waiting for us to leave our site. They were stalking us, preparing for a raid at dawn. Too bad we had our Outsak, the bag trusted to be sold at Grand Canyon.


The Outsak is a great product. On a trip to Utah (Escalante)…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $39.99 w free shipping

The Outsak is a great product.

On a trip to Utah (Escalante) I recently took along an Outsak, Animal Resistant Storage Bag. It is made by a small company in Flagstaff, AZ. It is a stainless steel mesh sack that keeps small animals from penetrating your food storage.

We did about 25 miles trip over 4 days, using this bag as our primary means of food protection. We viewed the videos on the Simple Outdoor Solutions website, and followed their suggestions. We packed our food in lightweight odor proof bags, and put those inside a nylon bag, which we put inside an Outsak.

The whole bundle was put out of sight during the day, and at night we either elevated it any way we could (hanging from hiking pole wedged in crack, put it on top of a high rock) or we stacked rocks around it. On each night we woke up hearing animals nearby, each morning we saw tracks in camp.

We have only one confirmed attack on the Outsak and it apparently did what it was designed to do, keep out critters. Something kind of moved the wires around a bit, but didn't get to any food, not even the edge of a wrapper.

This is a piece of gear that will go on all future backpacking trips. It is lightweight (medium 9 oz 1600 cubic inch capacity) and durable. Usually a combination that doesn't go together. The top closes with a thick velcro, the bag itself is a tightly woven stainless steel mesh that most small animals cant chew through. There is a small loop on the end to aid in hanging and it also works well as a spot to start to get the bag open.

5 stars for this one. I do a lot of backpacking and hiking. I just discovered how wonderful Southern Utah is, and this Outsak bag is the perfect addition for all my future trips.


Outsak-Animal Resistant Storage Bag. Stainless Steel…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $39.99

Outsak-Animal Resistant Storage Bag. Stainless Steel Mesh Bag that keeps critters out of your stored food, overnight or just while you are away from camp.

I love this bag. It was shown to me by a friend and I can't stop saying good things about it. I've seen first hand how it stops critters. We had an animal prowl our site, somehow got to our hung Outsak bag, but it couldn't get in...HA!!

The manufacturer offers free shipping

When traveling in areas where small critters are a concern, the Outsak will help you get through the night without wondering if your food will still be there in the morning.

The manufacturer offers all kinds of info on the site.

Simple Outdoor Solutions Original Outsak

reviewers paid:
$39.99 - $40.00

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