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Recent Snowsport Sock Reviews

Alpaca Direct Winter Sport Socks with Alpacor

rated 5 of 5 stars Great sports socks for winter and summer. Excellent at wicking, soft natural fiber alpaca, very durable. These socks are my all-time favorite socks. I have always loved alpaca socks as they are definitely a step up from wool.  What makes these socks special is the Alpacor fiber and the specific designs that have a great fit and finish. I work for the company that sells them online and they are my all-time favorite socks they have ever offered. Alpaca socks have been known for years to be the warmest… Full review

RBH Designs Bonded VaprThrm Liner Sock

rated 5 of 5 stars RBH Designs comes to the rescue of chronically cold feet! The VaprThrm VBL sock kept my feet warm in very cold Colorado ski days, also love it that the boot liners don't get soaked by "wicking" socks.  The VBL concept works awesomely, probably even better with lots of footpowder. Warm feet again!  I found RBH on a Google search for VBL - they make lots more VBL clothing than does Stephenson Warmlite - I do love my Warmlite No-Sweat shirt, can't wait to try an RBH shirt this winter. Full review

SmartWool Men's PhD Ski Light Sock

rated 5 of 5 stars These socks wick crazy, keep my feet warm in aerobic activities in the dead of winter, and provide great arch support. I have loved having these for trail running, hiking and Mtn biking in poor conditions, but have never really put the shin cushioning to the test skiing. Hopefully next year! Full review

Bridgedale Men's Heel Fit

rated 4 of 5 stars Definitely stays on the heel, with plenty of warmth, protection, and support. I've used these mountain biking in snowy conditions, hiking and trekking in snowy backcountry, and trail running in snow/slush. They have been super comfortable, staying high over my calves to keep me warm. The 4 star rating is for durability issues: my left sock is separating at the heel seam...darn. Full review

SmartWool Men's PhD Ski Medium Sock

rated 5 of 5 stars The best snowsport sock I've ever owned. I don't get to ski much, but I wear these mountain biking, hiking in winter, trail running: you name it. They are particularly great for hard mountain biking in the dead of winter because the extra cushioning on the shins keeps me warmer against the head winds. The shin cushioning works well to protect the ankles when my Torre GTX's need to be cinched up tightly. The socks honestly do everything advertised extremely well. I don't need to dispute any of their… Full review

Top-Rated Snowsport Socks

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SmartWool Wintersport Stripe Sock
$7 - $15
SmartWool Snowboard Sock
$8 - $15
Lorpen Primaloft Light Ski Sock
$8 - $22
Lorpen Merino Ski Midweight Sock
$9 - $16
Icebreaker Ski Mid Over the Calf
$9 - $12
Burton Emblem Sock
Bridgedale Lightweight Control Fit
Bridgedale Cross-Country Ski
$10 - $19
Point6 Ski Midweight Sock
$10 - $14
SmartWool Wintersport Shark Sock
SmartWool Wintersport Snowflake Sock
SmartWool Wintersport Floral Sock
$10 - $15
SmartWool Ski Racer Sock
$10 - $15
SmartWool PhD Ski Ultra Light Sock
$10 - $21
Icebreaker Snow Mid Sock
$10 - $11
REI Hudson Stripe Wintersport Socks
$11 MSRP
REI Bear Hug Wintersport Socks
$11 MSRP
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
SmartWool PhD Ski Light Sock
$11 - $23
Lorpen Ski/Snowboard Italian Wool Sock
Bridgedale All-Mountain
$11 - $19
Darn Tough Over-The-Calf Ultra-Light Sock
$11 - $24
Point6 Ski Ultra Light OTC
Point6 Pro Light Ski Sock
$12 - $22
Bridgedale Midweight Control Fit
$12 - $14
Lorpen Merino Ski Light Sock
$12 - $21
Lorpen Lightweight Ski Socks Merino Wool Over-the-Calf
SmartWool PhD Snowboard Light
$12 - $25
REI Tyrolean Vines Wintersport Socks
$13 MSRP
REI Dragon Stripe Winter Sport Socks
$13 MSRP
Point6 Ski Lightweight Sock
SmartWool PhD Ski Racer Sock
$13 - $17
Thorlo eXtreme Ski Sock - Thin Cushion
Lorpen Midweight Ski Socks Merino Wool/Acrylic Over-the-Calf
Fox River Pippi Jr.
$13 MSRP
Fox River Snowball
$13 MSRP
Fox River Wick Dry Turbo Jr. Ski Sock
$13 MSRP
Icebreaker Ski+ Mid Over the Calf
$13 - $15
Teko Ski Ultralight Sock
Icebreaker Ski+ Lite Over the Calf Sock
$13 - $23
Bridgedale Precision Midweight
Fox River Snow Pack Ski Sock
Thorlo Ski Sock - Thick Cushion
Thorlo High Performance Ski Sock - Ultra Thin Cushion
SmartWool PhD Snowboard Ultra Light
SmartWool Ski Medium Sock
$14 - $23
Teko Ski Ultralight Pro Sock
Wigwam Snow Silver Lite
Icebreaker Ski Lite Over the Calf Sock
Lorpen Italian Wool Lite Ski Sock
Smart Socks Ski Sock
$15 MSRP
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