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Wilderness Press Another Fork in the Trail: Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes for the Backcountry Cookbook
North Woods First Aid Guide First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
Falcon Guides Advanced Rock Climbing Climbing Book
$15 MSRP
Appalachian Trail Conservancy Appalachian Trail Data Book, 2013 Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
North Woods Fly Fishing Insect Guide Plant/Animal Identification Guide
Diamond Creek Press Surviving a Disaster First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
Stackpole Books Backpacker and Hiker's Handbook Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
The Mountaineers Books The ABCs of Avalanche Safety First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
The Mountaineers Books American Alpine Journal 2013 Climbing Book
The Mountaineers Books Mountaineering First Aid First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
$15 MSRP
North Woods Wildflowers Guide Plant/Animal Identification Guide
Coghlan's First-Time Camping Guide Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
Sleeping Bear Press S is for S'mores - A Camping Alphabet Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
National Audubon Society Field Guide to Mammals Plant/Animal Identification Guide
Greener Grass Publishing Horse Pens 40 Guidebook Climbing Book
$25 MSRP
Falcon Guides Toproping Climbing Book
$13 MSRP
Falcon Guides Lipsmackin' Backpackin' - Enhanced Digital Book Cookbook
Falcon Guides Basic Illustrated Snowshoeing
The Mountaineers Books Best Groomed Cross-Country Ski Trails in Oregon Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
$19 MSRP
Waterford Press Animal Tracks Plant/Animal Identification Guide
The Mountaineers Books Free-Heel Skiing: Telemark and Parallel Techniques For All Conditions Backcountry Ski Book
$20 MSRP
Paul Tawrell Camping and Wilderness Survival First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
Trumpeter Books I Love Dirt! Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
Stackpole Books Introducing Your Kids to the Outdoors
Funhog Press Whitewater Classics Paddling Book
Falcon Guides Lighten Up! A Complete Handbook for Light and Ultralight Backpacking Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
$13 MSRP
Skyhorse Publishing Mountaineering - Essential Skills for Hikers and Climbers Climbing Book
Boxer Books Mark the Mountain Guide Climbing Book
Patagonia Fifty Classic Ski Descents of North America Backcountry Ski Book
The Mountaineers Books Ice World: Techniques and Experiences of Modern Ice Climbing Climbing Book
$30 MSRP
Appalachian Mountain Club Outdoor Digital Photography: Creating Great Nature and Adventure Photos
Waterford Press Weather -- An Introduction to Clouds, Storms and Weather Patterns First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds - Eastern Region Plant/Animal Identification Guide
Stackpole Books Knots & Ropes for Climbers Climbing Book
Falcon Guides Big Walls - How to Climb Series Climbing Book
$13 MSRP
Wilderness Press Camping with Kids Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
$17 MSRP
W.W. Norton Hiking and Backpacking - A Complete Guide Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
Patagonia Let My People Go Surfing
$16 MSRP
ICS Books Dogs on the Trails: Hiking, Camping and Traveling With Your Dog Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
Menasha Ridge Press The Hiking Engine First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
$14 MSRP
McGraw-Hill One Small Square: Woods Plant/Animal Identification Guide
The Mountaineers Books Rock Climbing: Mastering Basic Skills Climbing Book
$23 MSRP
Stackpole Books NOLS Wilderness Mountaineering Climbing Book
Waterford Press Wilderness Survival First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
The Mountaineers Books Babes in the Woods - Hiking, Camping, and Boating with Babies and Young Children
$17 MSRP
The Mountaineers Books Backcountry Betty - Roughing It in Style Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
$16 MSRP
Wolverine Publishing Fifty Classic Ski Descents Backcountry Ski Book
The Mountaineers Books Don't Die Out There - Playing Cards First Aid/Safety/Survival Book
Appalachian Mountain Club Best Backcountry Skiing in the Northeast Backcountry Ski Book
$20 MSRP
Appalachian Mountain Club Winterwise: A Backpacker's Guide Camping/Hiking/Backpacking Book
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