Snow Peak Titanium Trek 1400

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Weight 7.4 oz
Dimensions 5.5 in x 4.5 in (Pot), 5.75 in x 1.5 in (Frying Pan)
Size Stowed 5.75 in x 5.9 in
Material Titanium
Includes Titanium Pot W/ Lid



I picked up this set to use with 4 people sharing…

Rating: rated 3.5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $39

I picked up this set to use with 4 people sharing it and it did well for simple water boiling tasks.

The large pot held enough to rehydrate a 2 serving mountain house meal and make two small cups of coffee at a time. My only real complaint is the handle on the small pan has to be squeezed to keep it rigid or the handle folds up dumping your food on the ground. This was a minor annoyance that happened to every user if they weren't forewarned before use.

Overall weight is nice and my Primus OmniFuel folds up and nests neatly inside. I will still continue to use the pot for small group cooking, but will probably use the small pan for a trail bowl instead.


This cookware set is great. The pot and pan have a…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: gift

This cookware set is great. The pot and pan have a wide base and are very stable on my svea 123 stove. The handles will get hot so use caution. When used with my brass lite stove I do not get any flame spillage and subsequent wasted fuel common to alcohol stoves and narrow based pots.

The stove, extra fuel, my cup, spork, spongy brush cleanup kit, firestarter, soap suds, bandanna and hand towel all fit inside making this a complete kitchen set.

Unlike most other titanium cookware sets where you only boil water, you can actually cook in this one. the pan acts as a cover for the pot, but can actually be used as a double boiler. You can boil water or cook rice, pasta oatmeal, etc. in the larger pot and poach eggs,cook sausages etc. in the smaller one at the same time. this set is great for 2-3 people, and have everyone eating at the same time.

My only caution is that the ti used in lightweight cook sets is thin and will burn your food and/or warp if you leave it unattended. By the way, I have no first hand experience with this. I watched another do this with a different mfg's product, but I feel the results would be the same.

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Visit Snow Peak's Titanium Trek 1400 page.

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The Snow Peak Trek 1400 Aluminum Cook set is a light option when you can't go without a plate/frypan. The cooker is big enough to boil water, small enough for hot cocoa. At 7.4 oz, the cook set can do it all. The frypan/lid will give you the extra versatility you may want when preparing that gourmet meal in the backcountry.


Looking for a quick way to shed some weight from your pack for light and fast adventures? Replacing your clunky pot with the Snow Peak Trek 1400 titanium cookset is a good place to start.


The Snow Peak Trek 1400 Cook Set is designed for the solo backpacker. This simple design includes a cup and a frying pan that also serves as a lid or multipurpose plate. This unit is designed to fit a Trek 700, 900, and a 110 fuel canister inside. Cookset includes 47 fl. oz. (1.4 L) pot and small fry pan Frypan doubles as the pot lid and plate Made out of pure Aluminum without any coating Pot and pan handles fold flat for compact storage Rounded bottom edges are easy to clean and improve heating efficiency No longer solo? Add the perfectly nesting Snow Peak Trek 700 or Trek 900 Stow one 110 g. fuel canister inside Pot dimensions: 5.5 (diameter) x 4.5 in. Lid/Fry Pan dimensions: 5 (diameter) x 0.5 in Includes lightweight nylon mesh storage sack Made in Japan

- OMCgear

Snow Peak Trek 1400 Titanium CookerThe Snow Peak Trek 1400 Titanium Cooker is a necessity when you are camping in snow-clad terrain for many days. The grade A titanium used to make the cooker is better and far more efficient than steel. Its lid also doubles up as a frying pan, which you can use to cook your meals in. You can store all the ingredients in the cooker when you are not cooking, thanks to its lid which effectively seals this product. This cooker also has adjustable handles that can be wrapped around, making it easier for you to store it in your backpack. Even after repeated usage, you will not find any metallic taste or smell in the cooker or the food cooked in it. Additionally, it does not rust quickly, and is very easy to clean. You can boil your food properly as the rounded edges improve heating efficiency. The Snow Peak Trek 1400 Titanium Cooker is a dependable utensil when you need to cook at camping sites.

- SunnySports