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Brooks-Range Pocket Snow Density Gauge 100

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Avalanches happen when there is strong snow over weak snow. Knowing the properties of layers within the snowpack is critical to evaluating hazard. However, knowing the exact density is admittedly a little nerdy. But there are cases when this is required - or at least helpful. To know the exact density of snow, a density gauge is required. Guides and avalanche forecasters must be able to record snow densities. But as a guide, my pack is heavy enough as is. I don't like carrying around a snow science… Full review

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Brooks-Range Folding Magnifier X10
Brooks-Range Pocket Scale SR-1
Brooks-Range Pro Snow Study Kit
$100 - $124
Brooks-Range Snow Crystal Card
Life-Link Winter Backcountry Travel Card
Brooks-Range Rutschblock Cord
Brooks-Range Snow Brush
Backcountry Access Analog Thermometer
$24 - $34
Life-Link Digital Pro Snow Study Kit
Brooks-Range Digital Pro Snow Study Kit
Backcountry Access Slope Meter
$19 - $25
Brooks-Range Slope Meter
Backcountry Access Snow Study Kit
$66 - $95
Swix Snow Thermometer with Case
Life-Link Basic Snow Study Kit
Brooks-Range Basic Snow Study Kit
Pieps 30 Degree Plus
$48 - $79
Life-Link Slopemeter
Backcountry Access Ruler
$7 - $10
Backcountry Access Magnifying Loupe
$16 - $19
Backcountry Access Aluminum Crystal Card
$8 - $12
Brooks-Range Pocket Snow Density Gauge 100
$49 MSRP
Backcountry Access Lexan Crystal Card
$10 MSRP
Life-Link Rutschblock Snow Pit Card
Brooks-Range Snow Grid Decal
Brooks-Range Snow Crystal Card Pro
$12 MSRP
Brooks-Range Folding Ruler
Life-Link Snow Crystal Card
Brooks-Range Dial Stem Thermometer
Brooks-Range Field Book No. 311
Life-Link Digital Thermometer
$50 MSRP
Backcountry Access Digital Thermometer
$20 MSRP
Brooks-Range Digital Thermometer
$25 MSRP
Brooks-Range Ski Guide Cards
$25 MSRP
Brooks-Range Backcountry Trekker Pro Toolkit
$48 MSRP
Brooks-Range Snow Grid Card
Brooks-Range Scientist Snow Density Gauge 200
$69 MSRP
Brooks-Range Snow Study Organizer Pro
Brooks-Range Backcountry Snow Study Kit
Garmont Digital Thermometer
Brooks-Range Snow Study Organizer