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A "survival kit" with "62+" components that come integrated…

Rating: rated 2.5 of 5 stars
Source: received it as a sample, freebie, or prize (Adventure Medical Kits)


A "survival kit" with "62+" components that come integrated into a hard case. Excellent as a stocking stuffer or maybe a gag gift. It may perform sort of okay as a reserve in a glove box or the like.


  • a wide selection of tools
  • instructions included


  • heavy
  • bulky
  • kits contents are just okay

The components of this kit are plentiful. I was impressed to see most of the must-have kit materials present in a pre-fab survival kit. Assuming that the apparel you are wearing in your survival situation is sufficient for providing you with shelter until rescue, the SOL will be able to assist with fire, a cutting tool, a signal mirror, and possibly some gear repair. Not so much in the water category...

The wire might fix some damaged items, however, I doubt that a person carrying this kit will be snaring wild game to sustain themselves until rescue. The teeny tiny bit of nylon cord will assist in possibly replacing a shoelace...

I like the compass, it performed well  — for a button compass.

The "waterproof" container is of an odd shape and rather shallow. I foresee significant frustration overcoming those individuals intending to gut this kit and replace its contents with personal items.

The out-of-the-package kit seems durable and the items seem to lock in wonderfully. I cannot say how the kit would perform in an actual survival situation as I would never subject myself, or anyone else for that matter, to a survival situation in which we are equipped with nothing but a plastic box, tiny knife, and no shelter or water components.

As I said in the video, this kit is a fun gift, a nice redundancy, or a training tool for children. When it comes to the backcountry one must have the training to endure the wildness and the elements. That training will, by default, strongly encourage the wilderness wanderer to have their own, far more comprehensive kit, the most important aspect of said kit will be the user's mind, not the little knife with the whistle and the flashlight built in. 


I got this as a freebie despite having to pay import…

Rating: rated 1 of 5 stars
Source: received it as a sample, freebie, or prize (Trailspace Giveaway)


  • good signal mirror
  • The survival tips by Buck Tilton, that's it


  • Plastic terrible knife
  • Light will not switch off
  • Light on off button has broken

I got this as a freebie despite having to pay import duties. OK, this must rate as the worst survival kit out there. The knife is terrible. The light is useless. The light on mine would not work when it worked. It would not switch off. The on/off switch has now broken (just what you need in a survival situation!).

The plastic box is way too small. I much prefer a simple 2oz tobacco tin. The knife blade works itself loose after a little while. If I had paid the full price for this I would have been really angry, but as it cost nothing I can just throw it in the rubbish bin and forget about it.

I mean it retails for about £50 pound in the UK. There are various companies in the UK that do survival tins from about £12.99 upwards. All of them are better than this. What I mean to say is you get a tin you can boil water in or cook small amounts of food and you get a small locking knife. I mean that's it. Anything else is gravy!


Thanks for telling us how the SOL Origin performed, John. I'm sorry it was a disappointment, but glad you shared your experience here.

1 year ago

thanks Alicia im sorry i didn't like it but you are only as good as the knife in the pocket come survival i do not like to run thing down but i think this needs more thought!

1 year ago

You're welcome, John. There's no need to apologize for it not working out. Out of curiosity, how much do you get charged for duties?

1 year ago

about 21.99 fed ex waited about three weeks before billing me ,i am not impressed by fed ex

1 year ago

they should have billed me on the day they delivered it !

1 year ago

Sounds steep!

1 year ago

yes fed ex also say you are only allowed something like £36.00 pounds worth of goods as a gift before you pay import duties but i must say i haven't as yet had a problem with the USPS service

1 year ago