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rated 1 of 5 stars Poor quality stainless steel—it rusts! Here's my take on the Solo Stove (Original). The BushBuddy company's owner was not/is not financially backed in the way that the Solo Stove company was funded; thus the stove pattern/type was *copied* with someone looking to capitalize upon the BushBuddy's success. I purchased a BushBuddy back in 2002 from the maker owner and realized he is a one person CRAFTSMAN, and made YOUR BushBuddy stove to order. He uses QUALITY materials that have stood up to 13 years… Full review

Solo Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars The Solo Stove works as advertised, and is an efficient wood-burning stove. It is great for packing where you can find small sticks to use as fuel, which is mostly everywhere. The top rack for the pot has some sharp edges. I read a lot on this and competing stoves before buying the Solo Stove (nearly didn't because it's clearly copied from a previous stove, but IP protection is lacking, so that's life). I used this in a test in my barn before using it on the trail several times, and was very pleased. Full review

Solo Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars A no-brainer stove. With abundant wood availability, this is my go-to backpacking stove. This is an excellent stove, with a few important limitations.  First, the good: This is a two-piece gassifier wood stove with no moving parts—just the stove itself and the pot stand. You drop a few pieces of wood into the stove, light it, stick the pot on top, boil water, reconstitute your stuff, and eat.  Very simple. This stove is a design ripoff, though as eqfan592 points out not an exact one, of the… Full review

Solo Stove

rated 4 of 5 stars Solo Stove a great camping stove and lightweight. Received the Solo Stove for Christmas and was very excited. I took it out back for a test run and found it to be very easy to get started and easy to keep burning with very little wood. The stove was cooled down enough in about 3-4 minutes to pack up and move on down the trail, if in the woods. A main point that I like about the Solo Stove is that the fuel for it is usually found on the forest floor and you don't have to carry gas around in your… Full review

Solo Stove

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Lightweight and easy to use, this handy stove is a needed addition to any backpacker's gear wish list. It uses small sticks and twigs found laying around any campsite as fuel to boil water at a suprising rate. I was tired of buying and lugging fuel canisters every time I went on an overnight trip. Canisters aren’t great in the cold, and even though they can now be recycled I never got past the fact that they need to be recycled. Generally, I used a liquid fuel which required the priming and extra… Full review

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