Growing up in the north and on a horse farm, it was…

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Growing up in the north and on a horse farm, it was always important to ensure we had good, warm boots to get us through until the spring thaw. Sorel Caribou boots, classic and rugged, have provided me years of loyal trustworthiness that few other boots have offered.


  • Removable insert to help dry overnight
  • Full leather upper
  • Lug sole that ensures stable traction on snow and ice


  • Heavy
  • Break-in time is a little longer than synthetic materials

Has the ice fishing bug caught your soul? Do you have endless chores to do even out in the snow or work in frigid temperatures? 

One of the most important things than can save your rear end this time of year is a solid warm pair of boots!

Sorel has for decades been the staple of many households. Whether trapping in the Yukon, mushing that dogsled or going out on the lake for some ice fishing, these boots will not only do the job, but you'll continually go to them for their comfort, warmth and durability when a good winter boot is most needed.

I really enjoy hunting during the late season, when the forest is still, and the only sounds you hear is the wind rustling through the bare branches and the crunching of snow when the critters are out and about. 

The one thing that would keep me indoors during this time of year was the fear of cold feet! So I began my research, and settled on this classic design that has withstood the test of time for many, many years. 

With ample room in the foot to allow your toes to breathe, and enough support that you can stand and walk for many hours without sore feet, you'd be hard pressed to find a better quality winter boot than the Sorel Caribou. 

The only downside to these boots in my opinion is the fact that they are quite stiff brand new and it will take multiple trips outdoors to break them in. I highly recommend these for the person who has serious business to do in snow conditions and the outdoorsmen that refuse to let the cold and wet conditions stop their adventurous nature!

Uncle Air

I agree with your assessment, C.C. When young, my feet would freeze in cheap boots which were the only things my parents could afford. Since adulthood, I've used Sorel Caribou felt pacs and have never had cold feet since. IMO, they are a great boot.

4 years ago