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rated 5 of 5 stars The Source D/Vide hydration reservoir redefines flexibility of purpose in a hydration reservoir. It performs without flaw, has excellent ergonomics and reliability in the bite-valve design, is highly resistant to additive taste from its construction materials, and it doesn't leak under heavy use (from anywhere). It is easy to clean and refill, and creates a brilliant, simplified solution for those of us who want to easily carry more than just water for long MTB rides, backpacking trips, snowshoe… Full review


rated 4.5 of 5 stars Revolutionary design for a water bladder and it's just as tough as they say it is. Love the slide closure! Great for backpacking (3L) or hiking (1.5 or 2L). Keeps water fresh for days. Okay, I don't know where I read the first review for this bladder, but when I watched a car drive over a full one without it bursting, I thought "what the hell do I have to lose?" I'd never heard of SourceOutdoor and although I was tempted to go with a Platypus¬†for about the same price, I decided to try the Widepac… Full review

Wrap Tank

rated 5 of 5 stars Great product. Have used the 3 litre wrap tank here in Australia and on climbing trips to NZ and South America. Lightweight and robust product. Love it! Now a Source product convert since 2011; their trail running pack is great too. Have used this product extensively throughout Australia in high temperatures and at cold temperatures to 5800m. ¬†Product does exactly what it says. Has gone through some abuse climbing and bush walking and external material and hose still look great. Easy to fit to… Full review

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