SteriPEN Freedom

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This is a good item if you are traveling overseas…

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  • Small size
  • Simple to use


  • rechargeable batteries with no way to replace

This is a good item if you are traveling overseas with questionable water and accessible outlets for recharge. Packing with it is another thing. I know it is solar compatible, but that is just more stuff to bring and chance breaking. I'd rather just bring my old dependable filter or tablets.

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Enjoy the freedom to go anywhere with SteriPENs smallest, lightest and first rechargeable UV water purifier, the Freedom. In 48 seconds, the germicidal UV light destroys over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium.


The SteriPEN Freedom Solar Bundle pairs the lightest and smallest water purifier from SteriPEN with a solar panel so you can recharge the Freedom's internal battery at your backcountry campsite.


The SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier is downright diminutive. This rechargable UV water purification system is perfect for perennial travelers and outdoor applications. Suspicious tap water or creek runoff needn't worry you as the SteriPEN Freedom destroys 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoa without added chemicals or altered taste. The Freedom boasts USB and outlet recharging capability. Ultra-violet (UV) lamp safely sterilizes water, destroys over 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and protozoan cysts, including Giardia, E. Coli and Cryptosporidium without altering the taste or pH of water and without added chemicals SteriPEN Freedom is highly portable, easy to use, best suited for wide mouth bottles SteriPEN Freedom safety features include water sensors which permit operation only when lamp is immersed in water, UV light cannot permeate the surface of water or pass through containers made of glass, plastic, metal or ceramics Lighter weight and more compact than pumps Intuitive, simple to use, and easy to clean To use: Remove the lamp cover, immerse the quartz-encased UV lamp, stir (auto-timed for 48 seconds), green light indicates when it's safe to drink the water One liter (32 oz) volumes may be disinfected by treating twice Treats 20 32 oz (1 Liter) treatments or 40 16 oz (0.5 Liter) treatments per charge LED lights indicate battery life, UV lamp life, and treatment completion Charge time: about 2 hours via AC power; up to 4 hours via USB Battery & UV Lamp Life: 8,000 16 oz. (0.5 L) treatments Lithium Ion Battery is lightweight and good in cool temperatures The versatile Freedom also serves as an LED flashlight USB cable, AC Adapter, and neoprene case included

- OMCgear

SteriPEN Freedom Water PurifierEnjoy the Freedom to go anywhere with the SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier. It is the smallest, lightest and first rechargeable UV water purifier which is also eco-friendly and it disinfects 0.5 liters (16 oz) in 48 seconds. It is Simple to use, the SteriPEN Freedom detects when the device is in water and automatically activates the UV lamp to begin purifying, no buttons to press. Ultraviolet (UV-C) light rays safely sterilize clear water by destroying 99.99% of protozoa (including Giardia and Cryptosporidia ), bacteria and even viruses. To purify 1 liter of water, use it twice and a green indicator indicates the water is safe to drink. Perfect for international travel or outdoor adventures--drink safe water anywhere with the SteriPEN Freedom Water Purifier.

- SunnySports

Toss out what you knew about water purification, because the Hydro Photon SteriPEN Freedom redefines the category by packing down small inside luggage or a backpack and using a rechargeable UV light to destroy harmful bacteria, viruses, and protozoa in suspect water supplies. In 48 seconds, this pen treats up to 16-ounces of water with the touch of a button. Never worry about foreign water supplies when you're in the outdoors, on travel for business, or vacationing somewhere that's known for a lack of potable H2O.