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Recent Telemark Binding Reviews

G3 Targa

rated 3 of 5 stars Not the binding you want if you are an aggressive telemarker. Was a good binding to learn on, if only because it was hard to ski! This was my first telemark binding, and I used it for about half a season, probably 50 days. It was used at the time I bought it. I was impressed that they held up, given that I had heard a lot of horror stories of these breaking.  First off, let's start with the pros: These are super light, super easy to mount and switch out parts as necessary, and they work.  The… Full review

TwentyTwo Designs Axl

rated 5 of 5 stars Absolute best binding for touring and performance. Easy switching between modes and resistance levels. Sturdy. This is the perfect backcountry binding for the true telemarker.  First off, we have to start with the performance. The free release touring mode makes going up a cinch because you have zero resistance on your heel. It's very easy to switch between modes, you just use your pole and the ski can stay on. Once in ski mode, it skis like an aggressive alpine Tele binding. It is not quite as… Full review

Top-Rated Telemark Bindings

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user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
TwentyTwo Designs Axl
$256 - $339
user rating: 3 of 5 (1)
G3 Targa
$168 - $198
G3 Enzo R
$50 - $195
Voile Switchback X2 Backcountry Kit
Black Diamond 02 Binding
G3 Targa Ascent
$231 - $298
Altai Skis 3 Pin Binding
Rottefella NTN Freeride
$352 - $460
G3 Targa T/9
Voile Hardwire 3-Pin Binding
$127 - $209
Rottefella Super Telemark
$65 - $79
Ski Trab TR Race Complete Binding
TwentyTwo Designs Vice
Voile Switchback X2 Spring Cartridges
Voile Switchback Binding
$89 - $278
Black Diamond 01 Binding
$210 - $299
Voile Switchback Plugs
Voile 3-Pin Cable Binding
$76 - $115
TwentyTwo Designs Outlaw NTN
$400 - $429
Scarpa NTN Freedom Binding
Voile Switchback Spring Cartridges
G3 Enzo
$37 - $59
Rottefella NTN Freedom
Voile Hardwire 3-Pin Spring Cartridges
Voile Switchback X2 Telemark Touring Binding
$239 - $299
Voile HD Mountaineer 3-Pin Telemark Binding
$48 - $60
Voile Switchback Backcountry Kit
$29 - $39
Garmont 7tm Power Tour Releasable
$400 MSRP
Garmont 7tm P2 Step-In
TwentyTwo Designs LiteDog
Olympus Mountain Gear Telemark Tech System
Salomon Guardian 16 Replacement Brakes
G3 Targa Ascent Elle
$331 MSRP
Rottefella Cobra R8
Rottefella NTN
Rottefella Cobra R4
TwentyTwo Designs BombShell
Garmont 7TM Power Releasable Binding
$290 MSRP
G3 Targa Elle
$207 MSRP
Black Diamond 03 Binding
$160 MSRP
G3 Targa Ascent Elle S/S
$306 MSRP
Garmont 7tm P2 Tour Step-In
$430 MSRP
Rottefella Chili Telemark
G3 Targa T/9 Elle
$207 MSRP
Rottefella R6
G3 Targa Ascent S/S
$306 MSRP
TwentyTwo Designs HammerHead
Voile Hardwire CRB Binding with Brake
$175 MSRP
Voile SX Binding
Garmont 7TM Release Housing Unit