Ten Speed Press How to Shit in the Woods

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Not so much concerning herself with your comfort while pooping in nature, Kathleen Meyer emphasizes more what sort of impact your turds have on the delicate, pristine natural ecosystems we love so much in her book, "How To Shit In The Woods." In an effort to avoid the numerous diseases that affect both humans and wildlife through haphazardly disposed human waste, Meyer describes outdoor defecation strategies such as locating the high water line, digging environmentally-sound poop-holes, and what kind of soil will facilitate fecal decomposition the quickest while minimizing the risk of contaminating our ever-shrinking wilds, to name a few.

- Backcountry.com

Much more than the title implies, How to Shit in the Woods is an environmentally sound approach to a lost art. Author: Kathleen Meyer. Softcover; 107 pages; 15 illustrations. Ten Speed Press; copyright 1994.


More than just backwoods bathroom use, Kathleen Meyer presents practical and environmental methods for keeping wild places pristine - esthetically and bacterially - while struggling with balance, bugs, embarrassment, and yellowing tennis shoes.

- Mountain Gear