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Double Mantle Propane Lantern

rated 2 of 5 stars This lantern is very poorly made. In order to put this together 75% of it had to be readjusted. We stopped at Kmart to pick up a lantern for some night fishing along the river. We saw what we thought was a great deal on this propane lantern. When we got to our fishing spot and tried to assemble it we found out the glass was sitting too high, above the handle holes, and we could not put the handle on. The lock nut on the gas line needed to be moved down, but we had no tools. We wanted to take it… Full review

First Gear Cliffhanger

rated 4 of 5 stars One-person, lightweight No-See-um tent with heavy duty full coverage rain-fly. Weighs 3lbs 5ozs. Durable floor, tall ceiling, easy setup. I love this little tent. I was happy when the tent arrived moments before my trip last weekend. I quickly attached it to my pack and made my way to the trailhead. I never had the chance to seam seal or spray the rain fly before departure so I hoped there would be no rain and no issues. Several hours later as I got to camp at dusk I threw down my ground sheet and… Full review

1 Quart Aluminum Canteen

rated 3.5 of 5 stars This canteen has served me very well as a means of having a day's worth of water easily accessible on your belt. I'd recommend this canteen to any adventurer who doesn't want to have carry their water in their packs and stop for each water break but wants to move quickly and drink on the go. Texsport 1 Quart Aluminum Canteen (16390) I’ve had this canteen for three years now and it’s held out very well in some pretty varied conditions. From summer forest camping to skiing in the Alps this has… Full review

Scouter Black Ice Hard Anodized Cook Set

rated 5 of 5 stars Lightweight durable cook set that is one heck of a value. The finish on this camp set is very high quality and will last forever if seasoned properly and can withstand direct burn from dual fuel stoves. I was impressed by how my food didn't stick to it even on the first use which is saying a lot from camping cookware. I you are hiking and trying to cut back on weight I recommend taking this set. Full review

Scouter Black Ice Hard Anodized Cook Set

rated 5 of 5 stars A great cook set that packs a big bang for the buck. Cleanup is incredibly easy and the three-piece set nestles well, although the top lid doesn't seem to fit well when stacked together. The mesh bag doesn't provide much compression but I've never had any problem with it clanking in my pack. The rubberized grips are effective but make sure the handles are extended away from the pot when cooking. While it's not going to be the UL choice it's been a great addition in my pack and certainly not too… Full review

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