The pinnacle of comfort, the one mattress to rule…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
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The pinnacle of comfort, the one mattress to rule them all. You may re-evaluate the comfort of your mattress at home. My parents have replaced the RV mattress with two of these.


  • Comfort
  • Brand reliability
  • Compressibility


  • Price

This is far and above the most comfortable mattress for camping with a car, a wife, for a week, a night, warm, and cold.  Foam over top of air with a large overall size and rectangular shape take away all of the "roughing it" except the first-world problem of how to get melted marshmallows and chocolate off of the area between your fingers.  

I have used my father's pads for a few nights of car camping, and now I'm saving up for my own. They will replace my trifold Costco sleeping pads that together take up somewhere around a cubic yard.

The Dreamtime packs up just a tad larger than a traditional air mattress. OK, twice as large. These pack down better and are far more comfortable than those Costco mattresses. The only beef I have is the price point.

Disclaimer: I am from Seattle-ish, and have severe brand loyalty to all brands originating in the area.


I use this mattress for everything but hike-in backcountry…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $200

I use this mattress for everything but hike-in backcountry trips. The mattress is easy and small enough to use in place of any bed so when asked if I want to surf the couch or the spare bed (undoubtedly with coil spring pressure points) I roll out Dreamtime and the name speaks for itself. Go XL for sure, you can read a book with your elbows on the mattress and roll side to side while in REM at this point when OZs aren't an issue go with complete comfort!