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Recent Trail Shoe Reviews

Merrell Women's All Out Blaze Aero Sport

rated 3 of 5 stars I wanted to love these hiking shoes, but they just didn't win me over after multiple backcountry hiking trips. They did not hold up in the arch area for comfort on long backpacking trips. Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Hiking shoes Good traction on soles Extra rubber protection in the toe box I bought these shoes at REI during a sale. I tried them on and was super impressed with how comfortable they felt. I never would have guessed that these were about to be one of the worst shoes for backpacking. Full review

Oboz Men's Sawtooth Low

rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent shoe. Lighter than most boots, yet sturdier than trail runners. Great underfoot protection, arch support and heel cup. I've never had a blister from these. Excellent shoe. I've had them for over a year, taken them backpacking and up multiple 14ers - heavy loads and long days. Lighter than boots, yet sturdier than trail runners. Great underfoot protection, arch support and heel cup.  I've never had a blister from these. No break in required.  Not the waterproof model, but this helps keep… Full review

New Balance Men's 650

rated 4 of 5 stars Having worn boots for years and feet beginning to ache, I switched to these trail shoes and aches went away. Sure my feet still feel tired after miles and miles, but the strange muscle/joint ache in my feet is a thing of the past. The weight of boots, even lightweight, is gone, and I don't believe boots offer much of the much touted ankle support anyway. I've been wearing them for years now. They get soaked I rinse them off well and dry them in the sun and put them back on. Wish I had switched to… Full review

Oboz Men's Sawtooth Low

rated 4 of 5 stars About me: 55ish year old, 5' 10” tall, overweight (190lb and all in the beer belly), upper-intermediately experienced backpacker. Been backpacking all my life since before Boy Scouts in the early 70s to present. Due to injuries and some physical issues (read: fat, old and lazy, mostly) I don't get out as much as I used to or would like to and have been transitioning from “Old Style” backpacking where I'd carry between 40 and 60 pounds (sometimes more) for a 3-7 day trip to “Lightweight”… Full review

Oboz Women's Sawtooth Low

rated 5 of 5 stars These shoes are fantastic and fit perfectly from the start. I immediately forget I have them on and I can walk for days and not get sore feet. I have a tendency for plantar fasciitis, and these provide great arch support and have generous room for toes. Solid under my feet, I will be buying these again when they wear out...but I don't expect that to be for a few years. Fit — perfect from the start, good arch support, room for wide feet. Lacing system easy to tighten and adjust. No break in needed… Full review

Columbia Women's Conspiracy III Outdry

rated 4 of 5 stars A good value trail shoe. Waterproof. Waterproof and lightweight shoe that was not too expensive It doesn't hold dirt on the fabric part so always look new! I got a small tear on the outside off rough rock so not suitable for rough wear. Ideal for wearing around when wild camping.  Good fit... I wear the same size as I would in any footwear. Full review

Merrell Men's Continuum

rated 5 of 5 stars After 5 years my second pair of these shoes finally wore out (the soles). They were fantastic, good arch support and excellent grip, ideal for summer hiking on gravel rough trails where ankle support is not required. Have walked 1,000s of miles in them. Excellent for summer hiking where you are on rough tracks but don't need ankle support. After about 5 years my second pair of these shoes finally wore out. What is replacing them? Full review

Vasque Scree 2.0 Low UltraDry

rated 5 of 5 stars Durable, waterproof, great foot support, for variety of conditions. Model 2011. So far, the best and most durable shoes/boots I ever had. I am a fan of Vasque in general, and, once I bought Wasatch (higher boots) for summer hikes, I left the domain of blisters for good. So, they are good, but these turned out to be more durable. Some years of Wasatch had issues with sole of the shoe handling sharp rocks, scree and talus in Colorado. Sole on Scree just goes through it all, and outlasted Wasatch. Full review

Salomon Men's X Ultra 2 GTX

rated 5 of 5 stars Totally comfortable! Absolutely LOVE these shoes!!!! These are my first pair of Salomon shoes, and I'm beyond happy with the quality! I have been using them on mountain trails during the winter, which means mud, snow, more mud—and my feet come out 100% dry. The Grip is fantastic in deep mud, then you find a stream, wash the shoes off, and they are as good as new! One flaw, due to the studded nature of the sole they tend to be pretty slippery on smooth and wet or frozen surfaces. If that little… Full review

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