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Recent Trail Shoe Reviews

Merrell Men's Continuum

rated 0.5 of 5 stars The boots initially were exactly what I expected, great for wet snow. I only ever wore them in snow. I got them out last year and found the outer molded shell uppers were cracking and splitting in all the points that flex when you walk. and the triple sewn skirt between the upper and the lace eyelets were separating from the upper shell. I called Merrill about the performance of these $100 plus boots to see if they would do anything about it and Dave in customer service said "No, product is outside… Full review

Merrell Men's Continuum

rated 0.5 of 5 stars I bought these 3.5 years ago to use on occasional fishing and hunting trips. After limited use and storing them clean and dry in a dark closet, the tops just completely disintegrated. I feel like I got very limited use from these before they completely fell apart. I needed waterproof boots for cold weather fishing trips and very limited hunting—five or six trips per year. When I purchased these, I was happy with them. They filled the bill of being pretty comfortable boots I could wear in wet conditions… Full review

Merrell Kopec Hiking Shoes

rated 5 of 5 stars This is the most comfortable and sure fitting hiking shoe that I have used on the AT. No slippage at the heel and the comfort is above any other shoe or boot I have used. I purchased these shoes by Merrell to continue my hiking of the Appalachian Trail this year. Once on the trail, I was so amazed with the comfort and fit of the shoe. There was no slippage of the heel as I moved along the uneven trail caused by numerous rocks and roots. This was so important to prevent blisters which can slow down… Full review

Hi-Tec Men's MultiTerra Low

rated 1.5 of 5 stars Six months wear of MultiTerra Low boots and the soles fell off. A very comfortable boot but what's the point of buying them if down the road/trail the damn soles drop off (carry a spare pair or a roll of duct tape). Shoe looked like it was well made, fitted well, and was comfortable to wear. Good design let down by poor construction. Soles glued to the uppers; poor glue quality, or poor workmanship or maybe a bit of both. So disappointed to think I had found a good make of shoe and to have them… Full review

Garmont Women's Eclipse III GTX XCR

rated 5 of 5 stars Both good protection and comfortable to walk/run in. Makes the waiking so effortless and easy. I love these shoes. I have been using these shoes for 13 years. I feel that I'm walking effortlessly because of the sole and the shape of the shoe. The shoes are good for walking in light mountain terrain, in the forest, and on the road.  Full review

Merrell Telluride Lace

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Great for everyday use, but not stable enough for longer hikes. Excellent quality and comfort. I was actually looking for a trail runner not for trail running but to be used professionally at work. I went to an REI garage sale when I saw a pair of the Telluride lace shoes and tried them on and bought them. I have had foot problems for years so always wear running or trail runners with my suits. But I get a lot of garbage about it because I have never found such a shoe that looks like a dress shoe. Full review

Five Ten Men's Dome

rated 5 of 5 stars Great shoe for scrambling to the climbing rocks. Comfortable with a wide outsole for stability. I use the shoe to hike to the rocks where I top rope climb. There are a lot of boulders and treacherous steep areas that are slick, cambered, and edged that I must hike through to get to the climbing areas. The shoe had good traction and a wide platform that makes it very stable for the cambered and edged areas. They also double as a low hiking shoe that is lightweight but capable of handling a 20 lb. Full review

Ecco Exceed Low

rated 4.5 of 5 stars This style is stylish and comfortable. I also like its versatility as both a fashionable everyday casual shoe and as a function urban walker or hiker. I feel like I got two pairs of shoes for one price! I do a lot of travel and am always looking for a comfortable pair of travel or walking shoes. I want something versatile for travel. A style which I can wear for both style and function. ECCO has always been a good fit for me and they wear extremely well. So, when I came across this walking shoe… Full review

Keen Men's Voyageur

rated 4 of 5 stars I find the Keen Men's Voyageur shoe to be very comfortable, especially if the fronts of your feet are wide. They have excellent traction for most situations, breathe very well, and dry quickly if they get wet. I bought my Keen men's Voyageur hiking shoes about a year ago, to wear casually and on easier trails where boots were overkill. The fit was excellent right out of the box, with no breaking in required. The toebox is nice and roomy for feet that are wide in the toes like mine. I've never had… Full review