UCO Candelier Candle Lantern

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I am smitten with my Candlelier, it's fantastic for…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $29.99

I am smitten with my Candlelier, it's fantastic for car camping, renting a lookout tower and for around home. However it is much too big and bulky to backpack with and besides you do not need that much light in a small tent.

I also love that you can boil water with it. A mini espresso maker works great on top, I bought a reflector for it which is ok and a neoprene protective case (spendy).

But the Candlelier has a special place in my heart, many wonderful nights have been romantically illuminated by it.


It is excellent in all respects. Light weight, burns…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: ? long time ago

It is excellent in all respects. Light weight, burns in winds without candle problems. Easy to change candles, consistent light. The only problem I have is I broke the glass window when I forgot to tie down cupboard door in the trailer this spring.


I have the three candle unit and carry it in my camp…

Rating: rated 4 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $29.95

I have the three candle unit and carry it in my camp box. It is portable enough to carry in a backpack. I prefer the three burner unit. I have the case that protects it when camping. It puts out enough light at night to read if you really need it. However, the light is just enough to see and work with and has the nice soft glow of candlelight. Better, it is easy to light and place my coffee cup on in the morning to heat my water for coffee in the morning while I use my gas stove to cook. Better yet, it keeps the coffee warm (hot chocolate too) while cooking. I also use them outside; they give a nice light for sitting outside at night. I keep it handy at all times.

The single drawback is that in a hot climate, unless the candles are in the unit, they will soften. So, you need to make certain you have it loaded and don't bother carrying extra candles when hot.

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The UCO Candlelier Candle Lantern takes the warmth, ease of use, safety, and convenience of the Original Candle Lantern and increases the brightness. Three UCO 9-hour candles make the Candlelier perfect for larger groups of campers and an excellent choice for home and emergency use. The Candlelier provides enough light for a family picnic and enough warmth to heat small amounts of water or foodjust place your cooking pot on the heat shield. In an enclosed area such as a tent, snow cave, or small room, the warmth the Candlelier can generate is remarkable. For family camping trips, canoe and kayak camping, home or cabin use, and lighting the way in a power outage, the Candlelier is unsurpassed in providing inexpensive and appealing light.

- CampSaver.com

The family-sized UCO Candlelier candle lantern burns 3 candles for extra bright light. It's great for camping, picnics or power outages.


UCO Candlelier Polished AluminumThe UCO Candlelier Polished Aluminum is a 3-candle lantern made by UCO. It has an incredibly beautiful polished aluminum casing and its stainless steel handle makes it easy to hang and carry. The lantern comes with a sturdy 3-legged base that helps stabilize the lantern on uneven surfaces, something that you are most likely to find when you are camping, hiking, or backpacking. The lantern comes with a unique spring loaded candle tube, keeping the flame height constant at all times. It also has a small viewing window to let you see how much of the candle has been consumed. Each candle burns for up to 9 hours and is quieter and more compact than most gas or propane lanterns. The Candlelier has a heat shield that can be used as a stove-like surface, this is very useful for boiling small amounts of water, melting snow, or keeping food warm. It does not use combustible fuels and it does not have batteries that could fail or need replacing, nor does it have mantles or bulbs to break, so there are less thing to worry about. The UCO Candlelier Polished Aluminum is a great accessory for your outdoor trips.

- SunnySports

The UCO candle lanterns are warm, easy to use, and put of a soft ambient glow that can brighten up your campsite. The UCO Candelier lantern is a 3 candle lantern much quieter than a gas or propane lantern, but the Candelier is also more compact than most. Three 9-hour candles are easy to us and are very reliable making them a much better alternative to battery power or gas/propane. The Candelier is a perfect lantern for camping, hiking or an emergency light for the house.Features: Stable 3-legged base stabilizes the lantern on uneven surfaces Stainless steel handle makes for easy hanging A spring loaded candle tube helps keep the flame height constant Heat shield can double as a small boiler for melting snow, or keeping food warm

- Mountains Plus

The brightest idea in 3 candle lantern. Stylish enough for indoor use, yet rugged enough for all outdoor use. Can even warm water on top of lantern!

- Vargo Outdoors