Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Sierra Cup



I walk to work each morning with a pack, containing…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $20.99

I walk to work each morning with a pack, containing a change of clothes for work, and enough kitchen to make breakfast along the way.

The sierra cup is light in weight, can serve as a good drinking cup that is less likely than most metal cups to burn your lips. Where it really shines for me, is that after I cook and eat my oatmeal from my pot, I want to have a source of warm water to clean up the pot with, especially during freezing weather. I have reversed the handle on the cup so that it comes up and over the center of the cup. Then when I put it on my pot stand over a alcohol burning stove, the handle doesn't burn my fingers and the cup is well balanced on the pot stand. That cup of water is just enough to clean up the pot. It also makes a reasonable light weight measuring cup and of course makes a great drinking cup.

In an emergency, I think the cup is well balanced enough with the handle reversed, that I could use a boot lace tied to the end of the handle then up to a stick to boil water over an open wood fire. I'll keep that in mind the next time I head out on a day hike and don't want to carry a lot of emergency equipment.


I bought this cup after a great deal of searching…

Rating: rated 5 of 5 stars
Price Paid: $15.95

I bought this cup after a great deal of searching for something that was: a) Light weight; and b) Good for measuring boiling water into freeze-dried food packs. Anything fulfilling those two requirements would also work fine as a regular drinking cup.

I finally decided on the Vargo Sierra Cup for several reasons: The size of the cup itself is "One Cup" in order to eliminate the additional cost of stamping a fill mark. The folding handle is cleanly designed and has a sliding retainer band which prevents the cup body from pulling free of the handle when full of liquid. Overall workmanship is excellent and the price - $15.95 - is nearly half of other titanium cups. This was achieved by making the cup smaller, but for me it serves its purpose beautifully. At 1.2 ounces it also weighs less than other titanium cups... another plus.

Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Sierra Cup


The Titanium Ti-Lite Sierra Cup has been discontinued. It last appeared in Vargo's 2009 product line.

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The Vargo Titanium Ti-Lite Sierra Cup is not available from the stores we monitor. It was last seen June 21, 2010 at Vargo Outdoors.

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