Voile Switchback Binding

Manufacturer's Description

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Retailers' Descriptions

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The lightweight Voile Switchback telemark touring bindings allow backcountry skiers to ascend with zero heel resistance and then switch into downhill telemark mode for speedy descents.

- REI refers to the men's version

The free pivoting Voile Switchback Telemark Ski Binding has a separate tour and ski mode, enabling tour with zero heel resistance, then switch back into ski mode and rip down hill. In free pivot mode, the Switchback provides an easier, more efficient stride, and your tips won't dive when breaking trail. Included heel elevators and a light-weight design further help conserve energy on the up-track. When you get to the top, you'll appreciate that this telemark binding's enclosed design eliminates ice buildup the 25mm stand height helps transfer your energy to your edge.

- Backcountry.com refers to the men's version

A free-pivoting, alpine touring-style telemark binding, the new Voile Switchback allows backcountry telemark skiers to ascend with zero heel resistance thus conserving valuable energy and allowing for easier trail breaking. The Switchback is easily switched from uphill touring to downhill telemark skiing with use of your ski pole. Also, it comes standard equipped with dual height climbing heel elevators for varying ascents. Challenging the competition, Voile is boasting the new Switchback as stronger, lighter, and with the most competitive retail price compared to the current crop of new telemark touring bindings.

- CampSaver.com refers to the men's version

No frills touring performanceThe lightest telemark binding we carry makes earning your turns easy so you can earn even more turns A resistancefree 50 degree range of motion combined with 65mm and 100mm heel elevators makes the steepest slopes feel mellow When you make it to the top of your line the binding can be switched to ski mode with a quick flick of your ski pole A stainless steel toe box and burly side routed cables helps transfer energy to your ski so you can rip on the way down too Resistance is on the soft side so if youre after an active binding to drive fat skis youll probably be happier with a Black Diamond 01 or 22designs Axl For those who want reliability simplicity and low weight for easy touring the Switchback is the answer Features BenefitsFullwrap around stainless steel toe plate without rivets ENCLOSED design eliminates ice buildup Lightest weight available 3 lbs1362gpair Appropriate riser height 25mm Time tested Hardwire heel assembly instead of BRAIDED cables Includes dual height heel elevators men65mm100mm Not compatible with the Voile Release Kit

- Bentgate.com refers to the men's version