Warbonnet Traveler Double Layer 1.1


Weight 19.5 oz
Weight Limit 275 lb
Dimensions 65 x 120 in



This is Warbonnet's basic gathered end camping hammock.

Rating: rated 4.5 of 5 stars
Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $75


This is Warbonnet's basic gathered end camping hammock. This particular hammock is constructed with two layers, facilitating the ability to slip a ground pad between the layers for insulation or the usual underquilts many hammockers use. This setup allows hammock camping backpackers to hang from trees when available or four to ground the next night when above the tree line.


  • Comfortable
  • Well constructed
  • Versatile
  • Options available
  • Exactly as advertised


  • The standard amsteel suspension should be whoopie slings

I received my Warbonnet Traveler 1.1 DL Hammock (hereafter the hammock or Traveler) and the hammock Travel Sock (more on the sock in another post) a few weeks ago. First thing I did was to weigh it and compare it to Warbonnet's published weight of 19.5 oz. Good news, my Traveler 1.1 DL was only 18 oz! Next, I inspected the hammock and with exception of some wobbly seams here and there, the workmanship is excellent.

Of course the next thing was to hang the hammock. The first thing I noticed was how much better this hammock is to sit on/in camp chair wise. My other hammock is an ENO Double Nest and between the Traveler being a double layer and made from ripstop nylon it makes for a lot less stretch in the hammock when seated.

I hung it with its structural ridgeline at the proper tension and spent the night. Interestingly the hammock was too taut. It actually felt hard, not uncomfortable but not nearly as comfortable as the next night.

The following night I hung it with a deeper sag (the ridgeline was just a bit slack) and that was a fantastic night's sleep. Almost perfection, the flattest lay ever. Side sleeping was awesome. I may have to consider shortening the ridgeline for future (I like the ridgeline for hanging stuff) trips. I'm taking the hammock out this weekend and will update this post soon.

UPDATE: I took the hammock out for a two night trip recently and used both the hammock and the hammock sock. I wanted to see how warm the bottom of my hammock stayed with minimal hammock inulation. It did a remarkable job of creating a dead air space under the hammock even with the top portion of the sock open. The traveler was just as comfortable as at home and a bit easier to hang than the ENO because it a tad smaller. Definitely worth my investment in these two pieces of equipment.

I did have to swap out the stock amsteel suspension cord for amsteel whoopie slings. Amsteel is about as slick as teflon and anybody close to #200 even properly tied knots tend to slip. I'd pay $10-20 more for the hammock for the upgraded suspension.


Thanks for the review! I've looked hard at buying a Warbonnet, but ended up asking Santa for a DreamHammock (wanted the "climate shield"). Curious why you only gave it 4-stars? Can you define "wobbly seams?"

2 years ago
G Maurice

I've revised the review to show why I only gave it four and a half stars . Most of this hammock is double stashed. However, the seams in a few places just weren't parralel with the other seam.

2 years ago

Warbonnet Traveler Double Layer 1.1


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