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TuffKushion Jungle Boot

rated 5 of 5 stars My feet have felt wonderful every since I started wearing them. One thing i have noticed is that i see alot of soldiers wearing the same boot everyday and never resole it because of the local resolers saying they can't, but not true, because of new technology it takes a little more time. A good place to get it done is resole america or call the actual wellco store, combat footgear in bragg. I tell them all "what boot do you wear everyday for everything and never resole" eventually it will break… Full review

TuffKushion Jungle Boot

rated 4 of 5 stars Overall, an excellent boot. 2nd best cushioning system out there- the Wellco company opened up at Fort Bragg, NC a few years back and had stellar success against the "re-soling" boot market. Prior to Wellco and other custom boots competing with standard military boots, most military folks had their boots "re-soled" with a sneaker layer glued to the bottom of the boot. The problem with this was that the sole applied was soft, but the rest of the original boot still lacked a sneaker fit and overall… Full review

TuffKushion Jungle Boot

rated 4 of 5 stars These are similar to Altama military issue jungle boots, but are made by Wellco, a lesser known, but more experienced company. They have leather uppers with breathable and durable 1000d Cordura nylon sides with a web ankle support. A padded tongue is also made of nylon. The boot is much improved over standard military boots. It features Wellco's exclusive TuffKushion sole, which has a more comfortable midsole, designed with athletic shoe cushioning in mind. The sole is also of a different rubber… Full review

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