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Outstanding premium touring paddle, extremely well…

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Outstanding premium touring paddle, extremely well designed and built. Always a pleasure to use.


  • Ergonomics
  • Design
  • Attention to detail


  • Price? You get what you pay for with this one.

I've been paddling with a Cyprus since 2011. Several two-week expeditions and many shorter trips.  Lots of day paddling. I'm a sea kayaking instructor.

I initially purchased the Cyprus as a backup to my Werner Ikelos (also an excellent paddle) because I wanted something with a slightly smaller blade area for long days on the water with a heavy boat.  It quickly became my primary expedition paddle thanks to reduce stress on my elbows. I carry the Ikelos as a spare/backup/teaching paddle.

The break-apart mechanism is the best I've used.

Materials are all top-of-the-line.  The positive buoyancy inherent in the foam core is a nice move up from solid glass composite models.  Werner has ensured that the paddle is beefy by adding strengthening stringers that are invisible but create a super strong paddle.

This is a paddle designed for the intermediate/advanced paddler. If you have not used a core paddle, you will immediately notice that the blade is absolutely neutral hydro-dynamically, in particular when sculling. If you have learned to scull with non-core paddles, you will be forced to develop proper technique when using the Cyprus.  But once you get it, the degree of precision and resulting control will only serve to increase your pleasure on the water... plus, you'll have a hard time wiping that grin off your face.


Nice review, Strika! Thanks for sharing it.

4 months ago

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Visit Werner's Cyprus page.

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The Cyprus's mid size high angle blade makes it fun to use for advance maneuvers as well as all around touring for a wide range of kayakers.Great for skilled, average-strength kayakers looking for an efficient, easy-to-handle high-angle paddle.Werner's exclusive Neutral Bent Shaft positions your hands for the best balance, comfort and control, helping reduce discomfort in your wrists and arms. The volume of the buoyant, full carbon, blade creates an exceedingly light feel for effortless and confident strokes. Curved dihedral blade face reduces "flutter" and enhances maneuverability, helping you smoothly link strokes.Werner's exclusive Smart-View(TM) adjustable ferrule gives you a convenient two-piece paddle that looks and feels like a one-piece. The Smart-View system lets you quickly and easily adjust the offset, or feather angle, of your paddle in 15 degree increments with right- or left-hand control. Small diameter shaft is ideal for smaller hands.


Bring on the rough water! With the Werner Cyprus bent-shaft carbon paddle in your hands, maneuverability is simply a matter of putting the high-angle blades below the surface.


You've invested in a high-performance touring boat, so why are you lugging around your barbell-like old school paddle' Ramp up your paddling power with the Werner Straight Shaft Cyprus Carbon 2-Piece Paddle. Light with low swing weight and stiff from carbon fiber construction, the Cyprus knows no touring bounds. This mid-sized paddle lets you tackle fast-moving rivers, slip over shallow gravel shoals, or throw down a 40-mile day without suffering sore shoulders and wrecked wrists. Carbon fiber lightens the load, and the straight-laced shaft gives you the ability to freely move your hands without having to stay in the same spot. The foam-core carbon blades up the ante on water displacement without adding weight. Less energy is required to move the blade through the water, maximizing your paddling power. The scooped, asymmetrical 95-square-inch blade slips next to your boat for a tight stroke, with the large tip biting the water on contact. For an efficient high-angle stroke, the ribless back allows for clean, sculling motion. Dihedral blades without friction to fight make it easy to find your rhythm and throw down smooth linking strokes. Sometimes, touring is like skating right after the ice-smoothing-machine comes through. Other times, the water is lumpier than your favorite crunchy peanut butter. The Smart-View adjustable ferrule gives you 75 degrees of feathering ability, right or left. With the simple click of a button, adjust left or right in 15-degree increments to optimize paddling efficiency. Blade dihedral also economize your efforts by minimizing flutter. Whether you're setting out for a three-week exploration of floes in the Arctic or putting in for a long weekend on the Missouri, the Cyprus won't kill your upper body. You'll have loads of energy for picture-snapping and penguin cuddling.

- Backcountry.com

The Werner Cyprus is a mid-size performance core blade that fits a wide range of kayakers and is versatile to use during advanced maneuvers or all around touring.