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Oakway Polartec Jacket

rated 4 of 5 stars As this Woolrich jacket is discontinued, I will mostly focus on the Polartec fabric and some general pros and cons to consider when buying a fleece jacket relative to this jacket's design. The Polartec High Loft fabric in this fleece jacket is tightly woven and DWR treated on the outside, with slight 4-way stretch. The inside surface of the fleece is about 3/8-7/16" long furry fleece. The durable nylon patches on the shoulders and forearms are tough and also DWR treated. The nylon does not stretch,… Full review

Classic Hunt Coat

rated 5 of 5 stars I have a vintage one from 60s or 70s. I got it from Ebay. The jacket is 40+ years old however it is still awesome looking and going strong. It's the perfect jacket for day to day casual city commuter. Heavy thick wool coat; it cannot get any better than this.   Full review

Intercoastal Convertible Cargo Pant

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Comments: AAh, now Woolrich is seeing the light. But I've never seen an "intercoastal island", whatever that is. Asian-made pants (in my experience) are almost always smaller in the waist. Since these have elastic gores in the belt line, they are bang on. My minor gripes are the small belt loops (they won't fit an inch and a half wide belt, which most of my belts are). And I've never been a big fan of zippered rear pockets. They're difficult to get in to, if you have big hands. And they're not very… Full review

Aloe Vera Socks

rated 5 of 5 stars The mystical, natural healing qualities of aloe vera have intrigued us for years. The eighteen amino acids contained in aloe vera heals, soothes and reduces inflammation to whatever it touches. Specifically feet that are sore, dry, cracked and tired from the spoils of winter or physical activity. Woolrich Aloe Vera socks are infused with aloe vera and made with 97 percent cushiony microfiber nylon and three percent spandex to help them conform to your feet. The aloe vera moistens your feet to provide… Full review

Arctic Parka

rated 3.5 of 5 stars I live in Boston which isn't in the Arctic Circle but we do have some cold weather. Some winters, this coat does not come out of the closet but when it gets real cold 15F and below this is the parka to have. Mine is from 1990 and is from the era when Woolrich had a couple of goose down farms in America and is all goose down. Last year and on Ebay, I bought the Woolrich Arctic Jacket which is the shorter version and 550 duck down. With my 12 year old playing hockey, it is the best. Great product… Full review

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